Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to Swim

I've waited long enough.  After nearly 3 months of no swimming, I've decided to add swimming back into my rotation next week.  I'm going to use this coming week as schedule prep so I can try to fit in my swims and not give up any of my current workouts.   I'm leaning towards swimming two times a week using my old Team-in-Training Olympic distance training plan with anticipation of doing the Route 66 Olympic triathlon at El Reno, OK, in June.  It'll be a great segway from the OKC Memorial Marathon into the summer triathlon/cycling season.   As much as I haven't missed swimming, I know I need to get back in the water.  It'll be great cross-training and get me ready to cut back on running after the spring marathon.  

On the running front, everything is going really well.  I feel incredibly strong at the moment and am excited about what may happen in April.  I'm trying to be cautious though because I know the next 6-8 weeks are the time when the injuries will try to creep in.  Currently my longest run has been 13 miles this training season so I have a lot of miles left to go.  I'm hopeful I'll continue to stay healthy so I can really show what I can do at the marathon distance.  Please keep sending positive thoughts my way.  Time to finish watching the Super Bowl and get the gym bag packed for pilates and strength training tomorrow.  Run happy friends.

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