Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running is Therapy

On Friday morning about 9:05 AM, my grandfather took his last breath on this earth.   While his passing was expected, losing a loved one is never easy.   What's even harder is watching those you love in pain.   It broke my heart to see my dad and my granny crying and mourning the loss of their father and their husband.  Hearing my granny asking if it was real when we went to the viewing at the funeral home was one of the toughest moments of this weekend.   My heart broke for her as she realized again that her life was changed forever.   The man she loved for nearly 62 years was gone forever.   No words can help.  You feel powerless.  You just hope that she can find peace and comfort in knowing he's better off now.   You hope that she can get used to her new normal.  You hope she finds a new happy over the coming weeks and months.   The funeral is set for Tuesday when we celebrate his life and mourn his passing.  

Today I set out for a bone-chilling 14 miles.   It was an opportunity for me to clear my head.   Mend some wounds.  It was a time for me to be thankful for my life.   Thankful for being able to breathe in that crisp, cold air.   Thankful for a healthy body that allows me to run.  Thankful for my time to myself when everything makes sense.  I love running.  I love the peace it gives me.  I love how it makes me search deep inside and examine my innermost thoughts and feelings.   Today was one of those days when I came out of my run with a renewed sense of peace and calm.   It helped me grieve in my own way.   I grieved by sweating out my tears.  Pounding out the pain on the pavement below me.   Running is therapy in it's finest form.

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