Monday, January 23, 2012

Operation 2012 is in full effect

I know I owe you a post from last week.  I only posted once, so shame on me for missing one of my goals already.  I'll try to make up for it and post three updates this week.  

One of the reasons I was MIA from the blog this week was because I started hammering out (literally and figuratively) one of my big goals for 2012.   One of my main goals was to declutter my apartment and make it a more inviting place.   I had a couple of vacation days I had to burn before my anniversary date (February 1st) so I took off Friday and today to work on my project.  I ordered all new bedroom furniture, a buffet, and a desk from Target a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted something affordable and Target was running a 15% off promotion on all furniture so I ended up with a nice batch of furniture for under $1000.   I bought two six-drawer dressers, one five drawer dresser, a nightstand, and a headboard for my bedroom.  It replaced the current furniture I had in my room and gave me a lot more storage space for my ever-growing collection of triathlon and running gear.  The buffet gave me an area to store my glassware (pilsners, wine glasses, goblets) and wine bottles and make my breakfast nook area more organized.  It also forced me to organize all my bike accessories, nutrition, and miscellaneous endurance sports items.  The desk just gave me an area to organize my computer accessories and give me a place to work when I have to log in from home.   Overall I really like the new space.   The construction/cleaning/organizing process took every bit of 2.5 days.  Finally today I was able to put the finishing touches on everything and can now sit down to write this blog from my new desk.

After 2.5 days of extreme apartment makeover, I finally had a chance to get out and enjoy having the day off.  The weather was beautiful today in OKC so I shook out the legs with a nice 5 mile run at Lake Hefner.  Running in shorts and a t-shirt makes me thankful for the current weather, but also makes me wary of the summer months ahead.   Last summer was brutal for training.  I hope this summer isn't a repeat.  I may officially pack up and move to Colorado if we have another blistering summer.   Other than that, I just cleaned up a bit around the house, went grocery shopping, and enjoyed some downtime.   It's back to work tomorrow for what will undoubtedly be a very busy week.   I'll update again later this week as I pick my charity for Jan 2012.

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