Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 : A Year for Organizaiton

In most areas of my life I'm fairly organized.  One area where I haven't been is my apartment.  I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment with very minimal storage space.  Anyone who is an endurance athlete knows that the sport is gear intensive.  Over the past 3 years I have definitely outgrown my apartment in it's current state.  I use the living room as bike storage.  I use the bedroom for shoe storage.  I use the breakfast nook for nutrition storage.  I use every square inch of my apartment for storage of some sort....and it still isn't enough.  One of my areas for improvement in 2012 is my organization at home.  I'm determined to declutter my apartment and make it more presentable.  Hiding my endurance sports lifestyle is not an option.  I'm proud of my hobbies/lifestyle and hope to showcase them in a more tasteful way.   To get the ball rolling, I've already purchased a few pieces of furniture which I'll start to assemble this week.  I'm going to gut my bedroom and get rid of excessive clothing, gear bags, shoes, and hats.  I'm going to organize my nutrition in a way that's more presentable and accessible.  I'm going to dedicate a spot for my two bikes where they can serve as both a reminder to get off my butt and a conversation starter when company visits.  I also want to make the living room a functional area for work, study, relaxing, and exercise.  After I'm finished I'm going to have a place that functions well for my lifestyle.  It won't be the nicest place you'll ever visit, but you'll never doubt what I consider a priority in life.  I'm excited to have a "new" home.

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