Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big 12 Champions and Week One of Marathon Training

After many years of watching very mediocre football, sometimes even awful football, Cowboy fans were treated to an incredible performance last night in Stillwater, Oklahoma.   Oklahoma State proved it was the best team in the Big 12 and won it's first outright conference championship in the history of the program.   It was such a great day in Stillwater.   My little brother was along for the ride as we witnessed history in Boone Pickens Stadium after a 44-10 whipping of the OU Sooners.  Now it's time to wait for the BCS rankings in a few hours to see if we did enough to convince voters that we deserve a shot at LSU.  I'm holding out some
hope, but it looks like OSU will come up just a bit short.

This week also marked week one of marathon training.  I really debated about not going for my "long" run today because I've felt a little under the weather and last night's game caused me to be up way past my bed time.   I made myself get out the door though and I'm really glad I did.  I had a steady and solid long run where I focused on pacing and effort.  I'm trying to stay very disciplined with my training this year where I don't knock off some long run at too fast of a clip and lead myself into an injury.  My training plan will be a 3-day run schedule coupled with cross-training and strength-training.  I've basically taken the Hal Higdon Marathon Novice 3 program and the FIRST training program and meshed them together to make sure I'm getting in enough focused runs each week.   I wish my body could handle more running days each week, but my body just isn't made for it.   I have to work with what I have and that limits the total mileage I can put in each week.

Currently my line of thinking is that I'm going to shoot for an 8:15min/mile average pace for my marathon.   This would put me in the 3:36 time slot and would be a huge PR for me at this distance.   I came up with that pace goal by looking at my past performances at the half marathon and 10K distance.  The past few times I've trained for a marathon I never really focused in on a goal this early in the process.  I think by having the mental mindset of a concrete goal will make training more detailed and tailored for better results.   My tempo runs will be done at 7:45 pace and my long runs will be done at 8:45ish depending on what the FIRST training schedule calls for that weekend.   I'm really excited to try to execute this plan and put it to work.  It's marathon time.   I can't wait!!

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  1. I've followed the FIRST plan for my last few marathons - it works really well for me! I'm injury prone & the lower mileage fits. Plus, three quality workouts leaves me more time for my bike & yoga (which I love) and swimming (that I'm *trying* to learn to love!). Hope it works well for you!