Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ironman - It's hard to not dream

Today I've spent most of the day watching footage of Ironman Arizona online.  It's cold and cloudy in OKC today and I didn't really have much planned so it seemed like a perfect day to curl up on the couch, watch some Ironman racing, and keep track of a friend who's there completing his first Ironman.   Watching the races makes it really hard not to dream.   The World Triathlon Corporation does a nice job of strategically placing ads for the Ironman World Championship lottery and links to races that haven't sold out.  It's easy to get lost in the memories of race day and want to sign up again.   I clicked on the lottery application several times and then closed the window.  I clicked the link for Ironman St. George and read through the website.  I even went to Ironman's main website to see which races were still open for registration.   Each time I closed the webpage and made myself quit looking.  

I'm really, really trying to save some money in 2012 and stay focused on the marathon.  It's not going to kill me to wait out another year before I do another Ironman, but the urge to sign up is so strong sometimes.   Quite frankly, sitting out a year will most likely make me even more motivated for 2013.   I think I will bargain with myself and opt to maybe do two 70.3 races next year.  Redman 70.3 is a definite since my employer pays for the entry fee and I may throw in an earlier Ironman 70.3 race like Kansas or Buffalo Springs since they are relatively easy trips for me.   Another option is to do a later season 70.3 such as Austin.   We shall see how the season unfolds.   We all know I've never been one to stay healthy throughout the entire season so injuries will definitely be my limiting factor.  I'm hoping all this yoga, pilates, core, and strength-training work this offseason will help in alleviating some of those problems.  Keeping this weight off will also go a long way in keeping my joints/tendons/ligaments happy.   If the holiday gathering yesterday was any indication of my ability to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving and Christmas then we are in for some big trouble.  Apparently I decided to make up for 7 weeks of good eating by eating everything in sight.   It's obvious why I can't keep cheat foods in my house.   Out of sight, out of mind.  Back to work tomorrow.  I'll try to be good for 3 days before Thanksgiving II occurs on Thursday.  The good news is that I'm Austin-bound for a few days after that with full intentions of being active and healthy.  It's hard to go to Austin and not want to run and play in the fall/winter.   It's going to be beautiful weather!

I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  I hope you eat well, stay active, and spend time with those important to you.   As evidenced by another horrible plane crash that affected my Oklahoma State family, we are never guaranteed another day.   Embrace life and make the most of it.   We will remember : Kurt Budke, Miranda Serna, Olin Branstetter, and Paula Branstetter.

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