Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OSU vs Texas Road Trip

I guess I'm doing weekly updates for the time being.  I hope you guys stick around during my downtime.   It's actually been a really busy and really productive start to the offseason.  I have fallen into a schedule that has kept me really busy, really active, and really productive.  It's led to less blogging than I would like, but it's been a fun month and a half since Louisville. 

This past weekend I made a road trip to Austin, TX, to see two of my really good friends and watch the Oklahoma State vs Texas football game.   I used to live in Austin back in 2004-5 so it's great to go back and visit.  I absolutely love it down there.  Every time I visit I can see myself eventually moving back at some point.  I really love OKC too so it's not something I plan on doing anytime soon.  I'll always keep it in the back of my mind if I ever get the desire to make a change.  When I lived there I wasn't very active so I didn't fully take advantage of the area.  Now it would be a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  The weather is generally pretty favorable for triathletes as well.   The summers can be nasty hot, but the other three seasons provide a great environment for year-round training.   While I was in town, I made sure to get in a run on the trails around Town Lake.   We went Friday morning and it was quite amazing to see the number of people out running, walking, and biking on a Friday.  I'm still not anywhere near top running form, but I'm healthy and running is really fun right now.  I generally just go for a 3-4 mile run and have slowly started to get my legs back after the long layoff from running.   I have to remind myself that I really haven't run much since June due to injury.  Besides the marathon portion of the Ironman, I probably didn't run more than 30 miles combined for about 3 months.   It's nice to get back to a semi-normal routine of running 3 times a week and start prepping for my 2012 goals.

The rest of the trip was pretty much centered around football and hanging out with my friends.  It was a pretty relaxing and fun weekend.  Now that I have a place to crash in Austin, I definitely see myself making the trip more frequently.  I also plan to lug my bike down there at some point to ride some of the awesome routes in the area.   I saw more bikes than I could count out on loop 360 on my way out of town on Sunday morning.  Pretty cool to see everyone getting out and being active.  

The rest of the last week or so was spent prepping for my trip and dealing with some car issues.   I had an untimely run-in with an extremely rough railroad crossing that put my car in the shop last Wednesday.  I've been driving a rental since and hopefully will get my car back on Thursday.  It seems like car issues always happen at the most inconvenient times.   Being single and a one-car household makes it even more challenging.   Luckily insurance is going to pick up most of the tab on this one and I can go about business as usual next week.  I think I need to get something bigger to drive though.  Apparently I like to run over things.

It's almost time to retire the bike to the trainer during the week.  I really think the trainer work I did last winter made a huge difference in my cycling progress this year.  I'm actually kinda looking forward to being forced to grind it out and get better.   It's so much easier to put yourself in pain when you are locked into a trainer and can put your head down and get to work.   I plan on coming out of this offseason with even more improvement on the bike.   If my motivation level stays anywhere near it's current state throughout the winter, I'll make some significant strides.   Now it's just time to get a structure and get to work. 

I hope all of you have a great week ahead.  I'm enjoying the cool temps and crisp morning.  We are hitting prime running months. Until next time, run happy!

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