Monday, October 10, 2011

Inexplicably Absent

I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging.  I've been inexplicably absent lately.   I really don't intend to retire from this blog.  I guess I'm just taking a little hiatus.  Like all things, sometimes you just need a break.  I took almost 4 weeks off from exercise after Ironman Louisville.  I now am back into my 3rd full week of the offseason and am extremely motivated.  I hope I can sustain this momentum through the next few months.  It will really do me wonders when I start tackling next year's goals.  Not only am I biking, swimming, and running now, I've also decided to pick up a few new disciplines this offseason.  I've started taking yoga and pilates one time a week at my work gym and have been able to get in some quality weight-training.  I know all three additions to my schedule will make me a better all-around athlete and produce results in my training.  It's been refreshing to keep the body guessing along the way. 

I  also think the weeks away from the blog will help spur along my creativity.  I actually sent off an article to Oklahoma Sports and Fitness magazine about a week ago and it was very well received by the editor.  I'll share it on my blog in the coming weeks.  It will be a way for me to get back into the game on here.   I also plan to share my 2012 goals and tentatively planned races over the coming weeks.  I've started to piece together my schedule and am excited to try and set some new PRs.

Another great thing about this offseason so far is my dedication to better nutrition and leaning up.  I've always known that losing some more weight would be the key to helping reduce injury on the run and make me faster by default.  I've really focused on eating more fruits and vegetables, eating only lean meats, and cutting back the fat intake.   Now that I'm not training as much I've stopped craving bad food which has been nice.  I've been able to avoid the offseason binge so far, but the upcoming holiday season will be a big test.  If I can come out of the offseason a little leaner, it will go a long way to better results in 2012.

Finally, I want to say congrats to everyone who finished races this weekend.   Following friends at the Ironman World Championships and the Chicago Marathon really made me miss training.  I'm really enjoying the free time of the offseason, but I also can't wait to get back into marathon training.  I've really missed the long runs and the pure joy I get from running.  Sure I've grown to like the bike and the swim isn't nearly as intolerable as it once was, but I love running.  I'm ready to get back to pounding the pavement and enjoying the freedom of running.

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