Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brooks PureProject Release

As a Brooks Fanatic, I've eagerly been awaiting the launch of the PureProject line of shoes for quite some time now.  I first heard about the new line of shoes on the Brooks Running website and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to experience the more lightweight approach to running.  I've been a big fan of Brooks shoes since I started running back in 2009.  My love affair continues to blossom as they introduce new lines of shoes and apparel that make my runs more enjoyable.

Luckily my local running haunt, Red Coyote Running and Fitness, was one of the select retailers to carry the PureProject shoes on their October 1st limited-launch date.  In true runner fashion, they also decided to have a little pancake breakfast along with the opening day of the PureProject.  I actually haven't ran since Ironman Louisville so today seemed like a great day to test out the Achilles and run in some new shoes.  I think I earned a new pair after this year's training.  I also wanted to treat my feet to some new kicks as I start my offseason training plan.  No surprise, but the PureProject shoes did not disappoint.  I ended up trying on 3 different models : the PureFlow, the PureCadence, and the PureGrit.  The PureFlow is Brooks neutral version of the PureProject line.  I've generally always run in support/guidance shoes, but I'm slowly trying to wean myself off the full support versions of the Adrenalines.  The PureCadence is the guidance/support version of the PureProject and has a little more support to keep the foot from overpronating.  I am not a big overpronater but I do have some slight tendencies to pronate too much.  Finally, the PureGrit is the trail version of the PureProject line.   I tried on the PureFlow model first so I could get a feel for neutral, more natural feel of the shoe.  The shoe fit like a glove thanks to the NavBand that wraps around the instep.  It also was extremely comfortable and provided a nice ride when I took them for a spin around the parking lot.  Next I tried on the PureCadence model which most closely aligns with my current Adrenalines.  It was not quite as flexible as the PureFlow, but did feel much more supportive without being bulky or restrictive.  It also fit really well and the debate was on about which pair to pick up for my new shoes.  Finally, I tried on the PureGrit model just so I could round out the collection that would fit my gait.  I really, really liked the feel of this trail shoe.  If I was a trail runner, I might have even bought two pair.  The shoe was designed in conjunction with Scott Jurek so you know it's a solid shoe.  It felt like it focused your weight to your midfoot/forefoot so you could get ultimate traction from the lugs on the bottom of the shoe.  I suspect I'll be buying a pair of those when the weather turns a bit colder and I need more traction on the snow.  After consulting with a few runners near me and Kathy, my shoe specialist this morning, I decided to break down and buy both the PureFlow and PureCadence shoes.  My reasoning was so I could put in my long runs with the Cadence when I need more support and then use the Flow for my shorter, speed workouts.  After I got home I took the PureFlow's out for a short 2 mile test run and really, really enjoyed the shoe.  I definitely am ready to give the Cadence a run as well.  I'll test those out on Wednesday when I join up with Red Coyote and Brooks for the Brooks Pure Pint Run.  Our area Brooks rep is going to bring up some free swag from Dallas and we're going to go for a quick 30 minute run followed with giveaways, free beer, and a free Red Coyote pint glass.  Not too shabby!

I really do think you owe it to yourself to give the PureProject shoes a try if you can find them in stock.  Rumor has it that these things are flying off the shelf and they are already on backorder until Oct 19th on the Brooks website.  For more info, go check out the Brooks PureProject web page.  You won't be disappointed!

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