Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally Back at Home

Yeah, it's been a crazy 3 weeks since the Ironman.  I knew I was going to be busy the few weeks following the race, but it's been even busier than I originally thought.  This has prevented me from blogging, writing a race report, or even thinking about starting my offseason plan.  I do apologize for my absence...if anyone is still out there reading.  I promise I'll eventually get a race report out, but it will have to wait even a few more days.   I have friends from Finland in town so I won't have an opportunity to sit down and give it my full attention.  I've also been asked to write an article for the Oklahoma Sports and Fitness magazine about my Ironman journey.  Pretty cool opportunity and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.  I am eager to return to some form of training.  The break has been nice, but I miss it.  It's become such a huge part of my life that it's hard to not think about it.  I'm still planning the next phase of my journey.  I think my next big event will be the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April 2012.  I'll most likely run some smaller local races early in 2012, but I think I'll be event free for the rest of 2011.  It'd be wise to focus on saving some money, getting healthy, and focus on improving my speed/strength.  Overall I feel really good at the moment.  We'll see how the first few workouts go next week.  The plan is to start back up next Thursday after the Finns leave.  Until then, I'll keep trying to enjoy the break and hopefully not eat too awful.  I'll report back soon.  Hope everyone else is doing well.  I'll catch up on blogs the next few weeks as well.  Run happy friends.

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