Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too Much?

Sometimes I wonder if I write too much about my injury.  Today while I was in the pool I started thinking about my blog and it's purpose.  Part of me worried that documenting every ache and pain made me seem like a hypochondriac or just a whiny baby.  The other part of me thought that documenting my aches and pains might actually help others who might be in the same situation.  In the end, my purpose for this blog is to connect with other endurance athletes, allow family and friends to stay involved in my training, and provide myself with a training journal I can look back on in a few years.  Through my experiences and writing about them it allows me to relay the ups and downs of training.  It's not always sunshine and roses when you are logging miles and my hope is that my blog will help someone else who has hit that trouble spot in their schedule.  I'm proof that injuries don't have to sideline you from reaching your goals.  Sure, I've had to adapt and change goals several times because of lingering issues, but to this date I've yet to miss a big race because of an injury.  I hope that someone who stumbles onto my blog will find solace in knowing they can still make it work.  I wish I was someone who wasn't injury prone, but it's not the case.   This year has been much better than my first 2 years, but I still have room to clean up my weak spots and become a healthier athlete.  I know my personality hasn't done me any favors when it has come to injuries either.  I'm a sort of an all-or-nothing guy.  I'm impatient when it comes to something I really want and I've always jumped into things quickly.  Case in point, Ironman Louisville will be my 3rd triathlon ever.  I skipped the sprint altogether and did the Olympic as my first.  After getting a taste of the sport I wanted a bigger challenge so I decided to dedicate 2011 to my Ironman dream.  Triathlon number 2 came in June at Kansas 70.3 and now I'm five weeks out from my first Ironman and third triathlon.  My impatient, all-or-nothing attitude gets me in trouble when it comes to staying healthy.  Ideally I would have focused on more Olympic and 70.3 races this year and attacked the Ironman in 2012.  I think it would have helped me stay healthy, but even then, I think I would have tried to add in a marathon or two and toed the line of injury still.   I know my all-in lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it doesn't allow me to sit back and doubt myself.  It makes me work harder so I can develop the confidence to succeed.  "Dream Big.  Work Hard.  Make It Happen."

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