Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten Commandments of Endurance

Hey gang.  It's been a busy week so not much time to write.  I wanted to post something that I saw on a friend's Facebook page.  I think it's pretty relevant given everyone's training schedule at the moment.

Ten Commandments of Endurance- Marshall Ulrich

1. Expect a journey and a battle
2. Focus on the present and set intermediate goals
3. Don't dwell on the negative
4. Transcend the physical
5. Accept your fate
6. Have confidence that you will succeed
7. Know that there will be an end
8. Suffering is okay
9. Be kind to yourself
10. Quitting is not an option

I thought this was a great reminder of what's to come over the next few weeks.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  I'll have a full update soon.

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