Saturday, July 9, 2011

110 Degrees - Inferno

It's official.  Summer 2011 is going in the books as just plain stupid.  Today we broke another record and topped out with a temperature of 110 degrees.  Luckily, all of my workouts were scheduled inside today so I managed to escape the heat for the most part.  Fortunately we haven't broken the all-time record temperature for Oklahoma City yet, which currently stands at 113 degrees.  However, I would not be surprised to see many more records fall this summer.  We are stuck in a drought that's feeding the heat that's feeding the drought.  It's a vicious cycle that doesn't seem to want to end.  I know I said heat acclimation wouldn't be an issue in Oklahoma summers, but this is borderline absurd.  I keep checking the weather in Louisville and notice temps in the 80s/90s with light winds.  I know the humidity will suck, but I'm definitely getting my body ready for the gauntlet of a hot summer day in Louisville. 

Another one of the downsides of this hot, dry summer is that my local open water swim lake is now closed for swimming.  The heat and lack of rain are causing bacteria levels to get out of control and they have closed the beaches.  I'm not overly concerned about open water swimming anymore, but it would still be nice to get in some longer swim practices without a wetsuit.  I'll keep my fingers crossed the beaches open back up soon.  Otherwise I'll be making a little road trip somewhere to get in some lake swimming.  I'll have to make sure to get a volunteer to go with me to keep me safe though. 

Today was supposed to be a run and swim day so I turned it into a swim and elliptical day.  I let myself sleep in a bit this morning and then headed to my work to get in a swim before they started swim classes today.  I've been feeling really, really good in the water lately.  I've actually even gotten to the point where swimming is becoming enjoyable.  It's an odd little thing happening to me here.  I think the injuries and the heat have made me appreciate the cool water and no-impact exercise.  It's something I can do that keeps inching me towards my goal and not negatively impacting my recovery.  Today I swam 2200 meters total and then rinsed off and headed to the elliptical to get in an hour there.  Mentally I dread the elliptical sometimes.  I usually connect the elliptical to injury so I have a negative feeling about it.  However, today was different.  I was in a good place mentally and I enjoyed sweating and listening to my music.  It was nice to get the negativity of Wednesday night out of my body and focus on what I can do.  I'm really trying to not think about my lack of running.  There is absolutely nothing I can do about it now except keep working hard in my other disciplines and focus on recovery.  The faster I can get healthy, the better off I'll be on August 28th.  I've been religiously icing and applying my anti-inflammatory cream to my Achilles.  It's feeling better today, but I'm a long way from healthy.  I'm officially deciding to skip my long bike tomorrow, something I probably should have done a few weeks ago, and will let it rest a few more days.  My doctor visit is on Tuesday afternoon and I'll proceed with caution from there.   It's not an ideal spot in my training plan for me to be injured, but I'm not sure there ever really is an ideal time.  I'll have to bite the bullet and get back on the bike next weekend.  My hope is that taking this weekend off will put me in a better position to tackle the next 7 weeks though. 

Last night a friend shared this video with me on Facebook.  It was the perfect video to get me out of my mental slump and refocus on my goal.  I'll see you in 49 days, Ironman Louisville:

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