Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in Oklahoma

Well, I'm back in Oklahoma.  I can't say I'm thrilled to return to the 100+ degree temps and 30+mph winds, but it is home.  I don't have much time to write tonight, but I did want to update a bit.

Vacation was nearly perfect.  I had such a great time hanging out with my family and disconnecting from the world.  It was nice to not worry about training, work, and other commitments for a few days.   I did do a couple of short workouts while I was in Colorado, but I mainly just enjoyed the time off and spent time with my family.  The weather was nearly perfect.  Highs were in the 60s and low 70s.  The wind was a little gustier than usual, but nothing compared to Oklahoma standards.  The snow melt was intense with swollen rivers and closed roads so the outdoor activities were a little hampered, but the snow melt did make for some awesome waterfalls throughout the backcountry.  I spent a day on the ATVs with my Dad and spent most of the rest of the time hanging out in town or at the cabin.  I absolutely love Colorado and could definitely see myself living there in the future.

On the training front, I'm back at it tomorrow.  It will be time to see if the Achilles has been given enough rest.  It's really started to bother me the past week or so and I'm hoping the extended rest after Kansas will bring me closer to normal.  I guess I'll find out soon enough.  I'm now under 10 weeks until the big day so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to make it through without too many injury hiccups.  I'm now touching mileage I've never touched before on the bike and swim so it's all unknown at this point.

I have to sign off for now.  I'll try to write a full review of Kansas at some point this week.  Run happy friends.

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