Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Alley - May 24, 2011

Yesterday was an unbelievable day in Oklahoma.  It was deja vu of May 3, 1999, except this time I was in Oklahoma City and not at home with my parents in Amber, Oklahoma.  The storms started firing around 2:30PM out in western Oklahoma and started producing large, violent tornadoes as they marched across the state towards my hometown and the metro OKC area.  Everyone at work was huddled together in the trade room watching the madness unfold on TV as the chase teams for our local weather stations captured unbelievable videos of the monsters as they tore a path across our state.  Thankfully my family and I got out of this one OK.  Some of my brother's classmates and families in the area were not so lucky.  As I watched from Oklahoma City, all I could think of was how thankful I was that my folks were OK.  The minute I heard them say that a tornado was on the ground near my hometown my heart dropped.  It was nice to hear my Dad's voice on the phone when I called and he told me they had made it to the neighbor's shelter and were underground.  Something we've all learned the past few months is that being underground is truly the only option if you want to survive.  Too many people have been killed in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Alabama by these tornadoes as they tried to ride out the storm in their bathrooms or closets.  Please keep the Heartland in your thoughts and prayers.  I sent a donation box with a coworker to Joplin this week.  Now it's time to lend a hand to my fellow Okies.

After the tornado threat moved out, I headed to my apartment and hopped on my bike trainer so I could get in a quick ride.  I almost skipped this workout due to all the madness, but I knew it would make me feel better.  I continued watching all the news as they searched for survivors and showed more videos from the day.  It made me even more thankful that we all came out of this unscathed.

Today was a brand new day.  The weather was calm and I hopped in the pool after work to get in a swim.  I really need to get some different ear plugs I think.  Apparently my right ear hole is bigger than my left and the ear plugs don't block out all the water.  I'm constantly having issues with my right ear and today was no different.  I left the pool with a headache/earache from Hades.  I guess I should consider wearing a swim cap in the pool too.  It would probably help in some respect.

Anyway, long run on the agenda for tomorrow.  My schedule calls for 1.5 hours with most spent at zone1 and zone2 so I'll probably get in about 10 miles or so.  This weekend will be my last race prep weekend and then I'll hit taper mode for Kansas.  I'm planning on heading to Meers, Oklahoma, for a 57 mile bike tour that I'll follow up with a 6 mile run.  Only 2.5 weeks to the first half-Ironman.  I guess I better start making sure all my race gear still fits.  That tri top and wetsuit may have shrunk on me over the winter.  Off to finish watching the Thunder game and then I'm heading to bed.  Run happy friends.

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  1. So glad to hear you and your family are ok, my thoughts are with you and all affected.