Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Open Water Swim Cancelled

Today was supposed to be my first open water swim of the season, but we got some much needed rain today so I'll have to delay the open water adventure for another week.  I'm hoping next Wednesday I can hit the water with the Team and start practicing my sighting skills again.

This week has actually been pretty routine so far.  I've had a few issues with my left hamstring so I bailed on my run after my bike yesterday.  My schedule called for a short brick workout, but I'm playing it safe.  I don't want any major issues to pop up these last few weeks before Kansas.  I've been very diligent about icing my hamstring and rolling it out with "The Stick".  A little rest and some TLC seems to be doing the trick.  I'll give it a little run tomorrow and see how it reacts.  This weekend is race rehearsal weekend for me.  I'll swim the 1.2 miles on Friday as a rehearsal run.  I'll then hop on the bike and do 56 miles as a race rehearsal to practice nutrition and pacing on Saturday.  After the bike, I'll hop off and go for a quick 6 mile run to see how the nutrition plan works out.  I need to make a run to the local bike shop and grab a few more Honey Stinger waffles because those things are simply amazing and will be making it in my race-day nutrition plan.

Nothing else really going on at the moment.  I'm debating on signing up for a triathlon the weekend before Kansas.  My work is sponsoring our entry into the race.  It's a sprint triathlon on Saturday and an Olympic distance event on Sunday.  There is also an aquabike option on Sunday which may be a perfect fit in my schedule.  I'll toss it around a day or two more and get my coach's opinion.  My entry is due Friday so only a couple of days left.  Time to hop off here and get ready for bed.  Run happy friends!

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