Saturday, April 16, 2011

Self-talk definitely helps

It's been another one of those weeks.  It's been so busy I can't see straight.  I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel as far as customer visits and my evenings being full due to work or other obligations.  I'm really, really looking forward to a more "normal" schedule.  I'm not sure how normal my schedule will be with all the training hours needing to be logged, but at least I won't have to shift as many workouts around if the calendar isn't full.

Wednesday/Thursday was the first time I've felt like I'm that guy in the Ironman YouTube video:

Due to many conflicts in my schedule this week, my only choice to get in my long run this week was to do it before work on Thursday morning.  I have to be at work at 7AM so for me to log a long run before work means that I really have to be up and running REALLY early.  Due to this, I worked my schedule around to where I could get to bed at 8PM on Wednesday night.  It was still light outside and the neighbor's kids were still screaming and yelling outside, but I closed the blinds, turned on some ambient noise, and made myself go to bed.  Fast forward to 3:40AM when I heard the dinging of the iPhone going off in my head.  Since I had gone to bed so early, I actually felt pretty well rested, but 3:40AM is early no matter how you slice it.  I stumbled into the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror and gave myself a little pep talk :  "This is why you are going to be an Ironman.  You are willing to wake up at 3:40AM to get in a long run.  You will put in the time and work to cross that finish line.  You will be an Ironman."  Yep, I really did that in my bathroom on Thursday morning.  Let me tell you something, self-talk definitely helps.  I was motivated to get out the door and knock out my run.  I wish my legs were as motivated as my head though.  I had lifted weights the night before and my legs were absolute mush the first four miles.  After I broke through that barrier, the rest of the run was really nice.  No one else was out on the trail until I was almost finished and it was the first time I got to test out my new running headlamp that I got as a birthday gift this year.  I'll have to say I freaking love the headlamp.  It was just what I needed to eliminate all excuses from getting out when it's dark.

Today was my long ride of the week and I joined up with our Team-in-Training cycling group.  They are training for the Lake Tahoe Century Ride and were logging about 60 miles today.  It matched up perfectly with my schedule so I tagged along today.  The weather was actually really chilly this morning compared to the last few weeks.  Temps were in the low 40s and a bit breezy.  We headed out north and west of OKC to a town called Okarche and turned around and headed back along the same route.  On the way out of town towards Okarche I ended up pulling the group for about 20 miles into a headwind.  It was a great workout and everyone was very complimentary of my ability to pull the entire way into the headwind.  I ended up logging just under 57 miles today so that is now my longest ride of the year.  Believe it or not, it was a hilly ride as well.  Yes, Oklahoma does have a few hills.  I'm definitely going to add that route to my list for this summer.  It's a 4-lane highway most of the way with very wide shoulders.  It's plenty of room to stay off the road and there isn't a ton of debris on the shoulder.   There was definitely a hefty sample of roadkill, but not much in the way of glass, nails, metal, or anything else that could cause a flat.

Now I'm off to cheer on my Oklahoma State Cowboys as they battle the OU Sooners at Bricktown Ballpark in some Bedlam baseball action.  It looks like a perfect evening to be out at the park.  60s and light winds with a lot of orange in the stadium.  Go Pokes!  Beat OU!

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