Monday, March 21, 2011

Slice is Nice

First of all, thanks to Patrick and Big Daddy Diesel for the bike comments.  I stole the title of today's post from Patrick's comments and I'll book a bike porn shooting session with BDD in the future.  I know I could use some help in that aspect of my bike/triathlon skill set.

After a week of staring at my new beauty in my apartment, I finally took the Slice for it's first ride yesterday (Sunday).  I originally had planned on riding Saturday morning with the Team-in-Training cycling group that's training for the Lake Tahoe Century Ride, but the forecast was iffy at best for Saturday morning.  There was a 60% chance of rain so I opted to go ahead and run Saturday morning because I like running in the rain and I knew I needed to get in both workouts this weekend.  Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day in OKC with no rain (of course - because it hasn't rained in like 6 months) and very light winds.  While this provided for phenomenal running weather, it would have been even better biking weather.  Regardless, I had a killer run and saved my bike ride for Sunday.  Sunday turned out to be really warm (low 80s), but extremely windy (25-30mph).  It probably wasn't the best conditions for biking, but I had to get out and give the Slice it's opportunity to impress me.  It didn't disappoint.  I always knew a tri bike would provide some bike benefits, but the extent of how much stronger and faster I felt was much more than I imagined.  My legs felt great and my ride felt pretty effortless even in a stiff headwind/crosswind.  I managed to stay in aero for a good portion of the ride, only coming out of my aero bars when I had a nasty crosswind and the bike was trying to come out from under my body.  I'm sold on the benefits of a tri bike and can't wait to get out and ride some more.  My only complaint so far is the amount of room between my seat and my water bottle cage.  I guess when you have long legs, your arms are supposed to be equally long.  Well, my arms must come up a bit short because trying to grab my water bottle is quite the chore.  I'll have to work on that aspect of my riding skills.  For now, I'll have to slow down quite a bit to prevent any potential mishaps while I'm learning.  I'll give the first ride an A+!!

Today was also the start of my Ironman Kansas 70.3 and Ironman Louisville training plans.  As most, I started today with a rest day!  Woo hoo!  I took the opportunity to make several meals and finish my "chores" for the week.  I made a huge bowl of fruit salad with pineapple, blackberries, blueberries, oranges, red grapes, and cantaloupe for my snacks throughout the week.  I also grilled some pork chops and made a pot of spaghetti with meat sauce.  I'm going to try and make Monday's my food prep week during Ironman training to alleviate the bad eating habits/poor nutrition problems I can foresee creeping in if I'm not diligent.  One thing I've noticed so far is that this new training schedule makes me more efficient and organized.  I plan out even the smallest tasks now to make my time more useful.  I'm sure that will all come to a screeching halt at some point, but it's my goal to make it last.

I will admit I had a minor freak out on the phone with my Mom today.  Nothing major, but I just went on this rant about how I feel overwhelmed with work, training, family, friends, and life in general at the moment.  It's not a bad thing, just something that's been stressing me out.  Every time I turn around I have another meeting request, customer visit, birthday party, event, or something else fill up a spot on the calendar.  I knew it was coming, but sometimes when I get weak mentally I let it bother me.  I sent a text to my Mom after I hung up and apologized for ranting, but it was good to get it off my chest.  It lets me hear how dumb I sound and then I tell myself I just need to suck it up and make it happen.  I'm sure I'll have many more of those moments over the next 4 or 5 months, but I signed up for this and it's my job to manage it.  I love my life and I really can't complain.  I know I'll manage and I know I'll make changes to my schedule as the calendar requires.  It's nice to live in this dream world where I can get in every workout, stay healthy, and still be a good friend and family member, but I know I'll have to miss a workout or event from time to time.  My goal is to minimize the downtime and make efficient use of my time.  Hopefully everyone else will understand if that means skipping a dinner or a party from time to time.  Finishing this is a huge priority and all of you who make sacrifices along with me are a part of the journey too. 

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  1. I am seriously overwhelmed, its crazy, you are not alone