Thursday, March 17, 2011

March : The Perfect Month

I'll admit I'm a bit biased here, but March is the perfect month.  Spring brings with it new life, new goals, and renewed dedication to the year ahead.  We all set New Year's resolutions, but even the best of us get sucked into the doldrums of winter and her bitter grasp on our world.  Spring hits us with a breath of fresh air and suddenly nothing seems impossible.  We jump into action and start knocking off tasks on the to-do list.  We tackle our workouts with renewed vigor and passion as the weather outside warms.  Spring forward let's us take back our evenings for training rides and runs in the broad daylight.  We suddenly feel alive again!  Ok, maybe it's not quite that great, but it's pretty dang close.  I love March.  It's the first time of the year that I really feel like everything is just right.  The temperatures are nearly perfect.  The extra daylight in the evenings makes it easier to be productive after work.  March Madness greets us with all of it's wonderful drama and excitement.  The grass starts to turn greener, flowers start to bloom, and my birthday caps out the best month of the year.  While in college I loved it even more because of Spring Break, but now that I am a working man, it's not quite as cool.  The problem I run into with March is that it seems like it's the busiest month of the year too!  This past week has been nothing short of hectic and I don't see any reason that pattern will be disrupted for the next 5 months.  I'm finally accepting the fact that I'll probably always be in a state of fatigue and incredibly busy.  I guess that's what I signed up for when I paid that fee for IM Louisville.  My goal is to not let it get the best of me and take it day by day. 

My goal for today was to get my swim in before work and then join up with some friends for some March Madness viewing tonight.  I set the alarm for 4:45 AM this morning and hit the hay at 9 PM last night.  All was going well until my mind decided it was time to wake up at 2:45 AM.  It was up and it didn't care what the rest of the body was doing for the next two hours.  Needless to say, I laid there for 2 hours contemplating life and stumbled out of bed at 4:45 to the dinging of the iPhone alarm.  It wasn't what I would call a good night's sleep so I opted out of March Madness festivities to spend some quality time with my couch.  I'm sure my absence didn't affect the outcome of any of tonight's games so please don't hold it against me if your team lost. 

The good thing about staying home is that I get to write to you and I finally registered for my first duathlon.  I'll be racing the March in Okarche Duathlon next weekend in Okarche, Oklahoma.  The race is a 5K run followed by a 30K bike and ends with another 5K run.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed mother nature decides to cooperate and keep our weather delightful and give us a tad less wind.  It will be the first race on my new bike and the way things are going, it may be my first ride on it as well.  I'm almost ashamed to admit I haven't even taken the new bike for a spin.  My one night on the bike this week was spent on the trainer and I just opted for the road bike since it was already set up and ready to ride.  I'm still waiting on my new shoes and some small accessories for the tri bike anyway.  That's my real excuse.  After the race, some friends and I are going to stay in Okarche and celebrate my 29th birthday at the famous Eischen's Bar where the fried chicken and beer are tough to beat.  It's probably not the wisest option, but hey, it's my birthday so I'll take advantage of the small slice of freedom in my training schedule and roll with it.  If you happen to be in Oklahoma, come on out and join us after the race.

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