Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deer Valley, Utah

I'm home!  I just spent 3 wonderful days in Deer Valley, Utah, enjoying the powder and slopes of Deer Valley Ski Resort.  It was my second trip to Deer Valley and it was every bit as good as I remembered.  I flew into Salt Lake City on Wednesday afternoon to meet up with a group of people from my industry.  Each year, one of my customers hosts a ski retreat in Deer Valley and invites a small group of people to hang out and enjoy some time away from the office.  It's a great chance to network with a small group and the trip is a lot of fun.  It's usually a group of 12-15 and we all stay in one cabin near the ski resort.  This year we stayed about midway up the mountain within walking distance of one of the ski lifts.  One of the great things about Deer Valley is they limit the number of lift tickets each day so the mountain is never really crowded  The lines for the lifts are non-existent and most of the trails stay pretty well groomed even late in the day.  Snowboarding is prohibited as well, which is kinda nice in my opinion.  I have had some really close calls with out of control snowboarders so to remove one more obstacle from the mountain is an added perk. 

I usually judge the success of a ski trip by the way I feel after I return my skis and head back home.  By that criteria this ski trip was a colossal success.  I made it through without any major hiccups and I'm still healthy and ready for the training week ahead.  This was only my 5th ski trip so I'm not a skilled veteran but I've finally gotten to the point where blacks are no longer daunting and I usually can make through a day without really crashing.  I still have some falls, but they are usually ones where I can pop right back up without even having to brush off any snow.  I'm not a daredevil so black moguls and any trail that has the name "Ruin" in the title is usually not on my list of acceptable runs for me to traverse.  I stick to blues and easy blacks and try to make it through the trip having a good time without any long-term side effects.  My legs actually felt great all trip and I can pretty much ski all day without feeling tired.  It's kinda funny to hear everyone else complain about how sore they are at the end of the day and I don't even really feel like I've worked out.  It's an added bonus from endurance sports I guess.  One interesting aspect of this trip was the weather on Thursday morning.  I've never skiied when it was snowing and I've definitely never skiied in near whiteout conditions.  It made for an interesting few runs because you really couldn't see more than 5 or 10 feet in front of you at times.  The good thing was that the mountain was pretty much empty, so you didn't have to worry about other skiers much.  It made from some difficult navigating though.  It's an experience I'll log in the memory book for sure.  The weather on Friday was perfect though: low 30's, sunny, and light winds.  It made for a great end to our time in Deer Valley.

Today I flew home and have my life back in normal mode.  I did my usual Saturday night grocery run (wild and crazy in OKC!) and am now about to head to bed so I can get up and join the OKC Running Club for their marathon training run in the morning.   The plan is to start at the actual starting line for the OKC Memorial Marathon course.  They are running 18 miles, but I'll only be running 7 or 8 so I'll peel off and do my own thing after 4 miles or so.  I had contemplated sleeping in tomorrow and doing my long run later in the day, but I love knocking out my run early and having the rest of the day to do as I please.  I'm out of here for now.  Thanks for sticking around while I was gone!

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