Sunday, February 27, 2011

What to wear?

Triathlon clothing is difficult for me.  My legs are long, my torso is short, and I'm not real comfortable parading around in spandex that shows off every curve of my body.  Another issue is that OKC isn't really a hotbed for triathlon shops so the ability to shop around and try on different brands of gear is difficult.  My local bike shop has started to carry more tri gear, but they only carry a few brands.  I've tried to order gear online and try it on, but the process of shipping, then returning gear becomes tedious.  I seem to have found a pair of tri shorts that I like, but I'm concerned they aren't going to be a good fit for long-course triathlons.  They don't have much padding and I'm not sure my rear will appreciate 112 miles on a bike in these shorts.  I love the fit though and they work great for my shorter distance events.  They are the low-cut Desoto Forza tri shorts and I love the way they sit lower on my waist to help hide some of my curves in my midsection and allow me to move comfortably on the bike.  I've yet to find a tri top that fits the bill, so if  anyone has any suggestions let me know.  For my Oly triathlon in Austin last year I raced in the Team-in-Training top made by Sugoi.  It was sufficient, but I didn't fall in love with it.  I've tried on Desoto, 2XU, and a few Zoot tops and haven't yet found one that fits perfect.  I keep hoping that I'll stumble on to something great, but it just hasn't happened.  For the time being, I'll continue to represent Team-in-Training until I can find something better. 

I don't even want to think about trying to find a swim skin yet.  Since Louisville isn't wetsuit legal, I'll have to make that decision over the next few months.  Do you all think a swim skin would be beneficial?  I've read conflicting viewpoints.  I'm undecided whether it's worth dropping another few hundred dollars for something that's not going to add buoyancy.  I'm not going to be a fast swimmer anyway, so the benefits may not be worth the cost. 

Yesterday I started compiling a list to take with me to my local bike shop in 2 weeks when I go in to buy my triathlon bike.  I forget how any add-ons you have to buy in addition to the bike.  I'm hoping I can score a deal on a 2010 model still, but by now they may not have many to choose from in my size.  I'm pretty excited to get the new bike and get to work though.  I've never ridden with aero bars before so I'm sure there will be a little learning curve before I get fully comfortable.  I'll probably try to get in a few rides on the trainer each week to help get my body adjusted to the position and then I'll try my luck at the March in Okarche duathlon in late March.

Only 3 more weeks of "play-time" before the real training kicks in.  I'm taking off for a quick trip to the slopes this coming week so my training will take a back seat for a few days.   I'll squeeze in a few workouts tomorrow and Tuesday, then it's time to enjoy a few days off before I dial in the training.  Have a good start to the week gang. 

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  1. For my ironman, I am changing into cycling shorts for the bike, too long of a ride for tri shorts for me, then switching to running shorts for the run, its all about comfort for long course