Sunday, February 20, 2011

Solid week of training

I think the weather probably had something to do with it, but I had a fantastic week of training.  This was the first time in a long time where I had at least some sort of training on every day of the week.  I normally have a day or two where work or life gets in the way, but everything fell into place this week.  I even managed to sneak in a quick 3 mile run between work and my bowling league on Thursday night.  I may have been a tad smelly for the coworkers, but I was in a much better mood at bowling than I have been the past few weeks.  I've reached that point in the bowling league where I'm ready for it be over.  I'm ready to claim that night of the week back and get back on my schedule.  Plus, I'm not a bowler.  My average is like 135, nothing to write home about and nothing I ever care to perfect.  I'd prefer to spend my time in spandex and running shoes working on ways to hide my curves.  Any good tips out there? 

In another shocking development, I'm actually starting to think of myself as a triathlete.....GASP!  I've actually only completed one to date, but all this talk of the Ironman and my obsessive compulsive side combing through every forum, website, and YouTube video I can find about training and racing is really making me fall for the sport.  There's something quirky about triathletes that makes me smile.  I guess if the shoe fits, wear it.  I do have to say that I absolutely love running though.  I joined the OKC Running Club today for their week 7 training run for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  It was my first time to join them this year because of conflicts with my Team-in-Training duties most weekends.  I actually had this weekend off and they ran on Sunday so it worked out perfect.  We left from the Bass Pro Shop in Bricktown and followed the lower half of the OKC Memorial course until I broke off from the main pack to get in my lesser mileage.  They were running 16 miles, and as much as my marathon-craving body wanted to keep running, I made myself take the detour back to start and finished just under 7 miles.  I haven't really set any goals for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon, but if today's run is any indication of things to come, I might just have a PR up my sleeve.  It's still about 10 weeks away and the weather around here in May can be very unpredictable (search May 3, 1999 on YouTube and you'll get the picture) so a lot can happen that's out of my control.  I'll have to admit that today felt comfortable and strong.  I'm hoping it only gets better from here.

One last thing before I go pack up the swimming bag for tomorrow.  Today I received a Facebook invite from a friend of my coach.  I originally talked to this guy a few months ago when I was contemplating which Ironman to register for in 2011.  He had raced IM Louisville in 2010 and lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where I'm also racing IM Kansas 70.3 in June.  He's been a good contact for training and racing opportunities in Kansas and I know he'll be a great person to talk to as Louisville draws closer.  The invite pertained to a IM Kansas 70.3 Training Camp that is taking place on Memorial Day weekend in Lawrence, from Thursday-Sunday.  This will be 2 weeks prior to the actual event and they will be conducting workshops, training on the actual race course, and going over details of the transition areas and other details of the race.  Best of all, it's free!  It is being put on by the Kansas Triathlon Club and is open to anyone and everyone.  I think it's a perfect excuse for me to get to Lawrence and train on my long weekend.  Hopefully I can scoot away from work for a few days.  The end of the month sucks for me taking off, but if all else fails I can just drive up for the Sat/Sun workouts.  Now if I could somehow manage to get my bike and gear to Louisville for a training weekend as well.  I have a schedule of a couple of weekends in July and August where groups are getting together.  It's just not a cheap or quick trip for me.  Lawrence is only a 5 hour drive.  Louisville is 12+ hours.  Not exactly a long weekend kind of drive.

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