Monday, February 7, 2011

Redbud 2011 - Registration Complete

I officially entered two more races today courtesy of  my employer.  I am now officially registered for the Redbud 50-mile bike tour and the Redbud 10K run on April 9th and 10th, respectively.  Within the next week or two, I expect we'll get another e-mail for our registration in the OKC Memorial Marathon races.  The schedule is definitely coming together as we make our way into mid-February.  It's nice to have most of the entry fees out of the way and now I can just focus on training and staying healthy.

Yesterday I had the chance to get outside and run 5 miles at Lake Hefner.  Most of the snow had melted off the running path, but there were still a few spots where I had to slow down and wade through snow or run off the trail on the soggy grass.  It was cloudy and cold which in my opinion is great running weather.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting out and putting my feet to the pavement.  It looks like I'll be stuck on the treadmill and bike trainer for the rest of the week.  According to the local news folks, we have another 6 to 12 inches of snow moving in Tuesday night/Wednesday.  It won't be quite a blizzard because the winds are only going to be blowing 20-30 mph, but it's still a huge snow storm for Oklahoma.  The grocery stores were pure madness again this weekend and today.  It's like people think they are going to be stuck inside for a month.  No, it's only 2 days folks.  You don't need to buy the whole store.  I'm hoping work isn't quite as hectic as it was last week during the blizzard.  I'm not sure I can handle another repeat performance.

Off to do some foam rolling, stretching, and then off to bed.  Tomorrow I'll be getting in 3 miles at some point - hopefully I can squeeze in a run outside before the roads get too messy. 

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  1. Heard you were just hit by a bunch of snow. Hope it doesn't affect your training too much.