Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OKC Memorial and a near-miss for Ironman Louisville accommodations

Ever since I registered for IM Louisville I've been searching for a property where my family and I could all stay under one roof and be together for the entire trip.  We made arrangements like this for Chicago and it was a great experience and the accommodations were so much better than a hotel.  I had e-mailed about a property a few weeks ago that was listed on  It was located in downtown Louisville, about 4 blocks from the epicenter of Ironman Louisville events.  The "vacation rental by owner" market isn't exactly thriving in Louisville, so I was bummed when I didn't hear back from the owner of the property and really gave up hope of finding accommodations other than a couple of hotel rooms which I have already booked.  However, this week I received an e-mail from the owner and we started a dialogue about renting the townhome for my stay in Louisville.  The price was just a little more expensive than the 2 hotel rooms I had booked, but we would have access to 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living area, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and we would have our own private balcony and parking garage.  Due to work, I was a little delayed in responding, but since we had another snow day away from work, I made a phone call to the owner of the property and discussed the rental in detail.  During the conversation, the owner mentioned she had one lady say she wanted the property, but hadn't yet called back and given her all the information to complete the reservation.  I hung up the phone and called my parents to get their thoughts on the more expensive accommodations and we all agreed that either one would be ok, but being together would be a big plus.  I called the owner back about 2 hours later and reserved the property for Aug 25th-30th.  Less than 2 hours later, the owner called me and said the other lady had called back to confirm the reservation and was hysterical and crying about her renting out the property to someone else.  She said she had elderly people in her family who were making the trip and needed somewhere they could stay comfortably and be able to still see the race.  Another plus of this property is that it's on the run course of the Ironman event.  A big plus for elderly people not to have to stay out in the heat and humidity to watch the race.  She said she told the other lady she would call me to see if I would consider canceling and allow them to book in my place.  I really contemplated saying no, but the nice side of me said we would cancel and make other arrangements.  The owner kept thanking me over and over again and I made a joke that maybe karma would be on my side since I was giving up the property.  I hope that the other family enjoys the property and we can still find accommodations that suit our needs.  I asked the owner to put me on the wait list for her property and to keep me in mind if she heard of anything else in Louisville during those dates.  I'm wondering if sometimes I'm too nice.  I definitely get that trait from my parents.  I may need that little dose of karma about 13 or 14 hours into the event though.  Maybe I'll get to cash it in at that point.  If anyone knows of a place in Louisville we could stay, let me know!

In other news, I am officially registered for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon.  My company sent out the registration link on Tuesday.  I've been running semi-consistently for about a month and a half now so hopefully all goes well with training.  I'll probably wait a day or two for the snow to melt off again before I hit the streets.  In the meantime I'll stick to the trainer and treadmill.  I did manage to get in one last run outdoors last night before the storm hit.  It was cold, but so much better than running on the 'mill.  It looks we're going to get a nice stretch of 60s next week.  Perfection!

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