Monday, January 3, 2011

What do you wear?

Not sure why it happened today.  As I was sitting on the edge of the pool surveying the crowd, I realized I was way overdressed compared to everyone else.  The women were wearing one-piece suits and most of the guys were wearing jammer type shorts.  Here I am decked out in my baggy board shorts and goggles.  I'm sure I look funny to everyone else who's training, but for me it's normal.  I've never been a swimmer. I never took lessons as a kid.  My high school didn't have a swim team.  I never even really liked the water that much until I got old enough to teach myself to survive if I somehow ended up in a body of water.  To me, when you go swimming, you wear board shorts.  I know it's not the most buoyant and aerodynamic piece of attire, but it's me.  My line of thinking is that if I can swim 2.4 miles in board shorts, when I put on a wetsuit or swimskin, the Ironman swim will be much less taxing. 

My theory seems to have already played itself out actually.  During Team-in-Training swims last spring, I was one of the slower swimmers in the group.  I usually was middle of the pack finishing up my sets and it never really bothered me.  Almost everyone in our group wore tri gear to swim in so I was always the lone holdout with my patented board shorts.  When it came time to race in Austin, I ended up coming out of the water with the fastest swim time in our group.  I really think swimming with the board shorts gave me an edge when we all put on the wetsuits and jumped in the open water.  Sure, my pool swims are slow and sometimes I get discouraged, but I always try to remind myself that it'll pay off in the end.  So, what do you wear to swim?  Do you think my theory has some merit?  I'm curious to see what other people think.  Maybe I'm crazy.

As far as today's swim, it actually went pretty well.  It was semi-enjoyable.  I do notice that I hate drills the most.  I don't mind the main sets or the sprints.  It's the drills that kill me.  It's probably because my form is awful and I need a lot of work, but the drills are tough on me.  Probably those board shorts weighing me down, huh?  I just keep telling myself that I don't have to do drills in the Ohio River.  All I have to do is get from point A to point B without drowning.  To me, that will be an Ironman swim success.

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  1. I still wear board shorts sometimes, but I did get a pair of jammers for fathers day last year. I have to admit they do make a difference and if nothing else, they make you feel faster. I will also wear them under my wetsuit when I do open water swims. They are certainly not necessary and I wouldn't own a pair unless they were given to me. Prior to that, I wore tri shorts under my wetsuit.