Sunday, January 30, 2011


When it comes to weather, the local weather stations are usually pretty accurate with their forecasts on severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other spring through fall weather.  Winter weather is a whole different story.  We don't exactly live in a winter wonderland where we get snow all the time.  We tend to get a couple of storms roll through with a few inches of snow or the awful ice storms.  We rarely get big-time snow events.  One exception was the Christmas Eve blizzard in 2009 that crippled the state and left many stranded on the highways or wherever they could find shelter.  For that storm, they thought it was going to be a big storm, but they never really talked it up as a blizzard before it hit.  Well, either they are being overly cautious and using the "b" word just in case, or they really think Snowmageddon is going to hit Monday night and Tuesday.  According to the weather guys this evening, we could be in for a repeat of the 2009 blizzard.  That should make training rather interesting for a few days.  Thank goodness for my indoor trainer. 

This week was my stepback week of my offseason schedule so my mileage was pretty light overall.  I got in a long swim of 2200 meters and one bike workout of 20 miles on Tuesday.  The rest of the week I took advantage of the amazing weather and got in some nice running mileage.  Friday after work I changed into my running clothes at my office and ran through Nichols Hills in OKC.  It was 75 degrees when I got off work and very light winds.  It was amazing to be running in shorts and a tech tee and be sweating.  I'm feeling healthy and happy and looking forward to stepping into my official training schedule in the next week or two.  We are still fine-tuning my schedule, but I should be all in and ready to go soon.  I'm officially 13 weeks from OKC Memorial Half Marathon, 19 weeks away from Ironman Kansas 70.3, and 30 weeks away from Ironman Louisville.  It's about to get busy.

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