Monday, January 17, 2011

Open Water Swim Simulation

I inadvertently found out the perfect way to turn an indoor pool into an open water swim simulation this evening.  First, you have to get in a pool with only a few lanes (preferably 4).  Second, you have to make sure that only two lanes have ropes and the other two lanes are open access.  Third, you put me in one lane and then a rather large man who likes to show off his flip turns in the lane next to me.  Lastly, you find 15 or so middle-aged women, give them some water weights and noodles, turn on some jazzercise music, and tell them to hop up and down uncontrollably for 30 minutes in a water aerobics class.  It was white cap waves in the pool.  I really didn't go into my Monday swim thinking that would be the case, but kudos to my fellow employees for helping me out by creating an open water swim simulation.  I know they did it just for me and it was greatly appreciated.

After my open water swim practice, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and drove to my neighborhood gym for a little weight-lifting.  I actually got kicked out of the gym tonight because it was closing time.  I think that's the first time that's happened to me.  I guess I should probably get used to it since my workouts will keep getting longer and longer.  The good thing is that right now, Monday's are my longest days of the week and it's in the books.  The rest of my days are focused on biking and running and I'm still holding everything to about an hour.  The rest of the week looks to be pretty tame which is great.  I am going to see Kathy Griffin on Friday night, but other than that it will be a lot of work, training, and hopefully reading up on blogs.  Oh yeah, the Australian Open started last night so I will have some awesome tennis to watch in the evenings.  I absolutely love tennis so the Grand Slams are like TV viewing heaven for me.  I still have yet to go to a Grand Slam tournament in person, but they are all definitely on my bucket list.  I hope everyone had a great MLK day and enjoyed the day off if you had it.  We had to work, but I know a lot of my friends were off today. Anyway, happy training folks.  We're on the downward side of winter.  It will be spring before we know it!

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