Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midweek Update

I actually wrote a post last night but somehow deleted it and didn't really feel like typing it all up again.  It wasn't anything important obviously. 

I really am loving training right now.  It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is when you're not hampered by an injury and everything feels good.  I got really frustrated with training leading up to Chicago and NYC last year because it just hurt to do anything.  Injuries suck the joy out of training so it feels good to be on the other end of the spectrum again.  Everything seems to be moving in good order and I feel like I'm being smarter with daily routines.  The obvious hope is that I can continue this streak and keep the body in good working order.  I know it's not going to be a small task, but it's one of my points of emphasis this year. 

Tomorrow we're supposed to get our first taste of measurable snow this year.  We've had some flurries and light snow a few times, but tomorrow it looks like we might get a few inches of the white stuff.  I wish it was happening a little later in the day so I could get in a run while it was snowing.  I ran in the snow last year and absolutely loved it.  It was so quiet and surreal.  Unfortunately it looks like it's going to be happening while I'm at work so I'll have to hope for another storm in the near future.

Back to watching some Cowboys basketball.  Take care everyone!

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