Friday, January 7, 2011

First Brick Workout of 2011

Quick question : Does bowling count as cross-training?  My annual tradition of playing in a winter bowling league commenced last night.  It's a work bowling league so it's fun to go hang out with co-workers outside of the office atmosphere.  It's also a good excuse to get out of the house during the dead of the winter.  This year I wasn't as fired up as usual about it because my schedule is getting pretty busy.  I'm glad we're keeping the tradition alive though.  This is my 4th year to play in the league and it's mostly the same people every year.  I work for a large company (5,000+ employees) so having some familiarity with more than the people in my group is kinda cool.  Plus, it's not quite time to go into my Ironman solidarity mode.  I should use the extra time for fun with friends while I still have it available.

Tonight after work I did my first brick workout in a very long time.  I think the last time I did one was in May 2010 right before I left for the CapTex triathlon in Austin, Texas.  I hooked the bike up to the trainer and slugged out an hour on the bike with varying intensity.  All of my workouts lately have a zone 5 period that really kicks my butt.  The rest of the time I really try to focus on becoming a more efficient peddler and maintain my 90 rpm cadence.  I did my hour on the bike while watching the last part of the Spinervals DVD of the IM Louisville course.  Every time I watch that video it amazes me how it's constantly rolling hills.  I know I was warned, but dang, it's a lot of hills.  It's good to see it so I know what to expect.  I would hate to go into that thing without seeing the course at all. 

After the bike, I jumped off the bike and changed into my running clothes.  I had a mini-transition area set up near my bike to mimic what I'll be doing on race day.  I actually had to layer up for the run though because it was dark and kinda windy so the transition wasn't quick by any means.  Overall the run was pretty decent.  I only ran for 15 minutes so it wasn't anything too strenuous.   It feels great to be back out running though. 

This weekend it's my turn to help out with Team-in-Training marathon practice.  It's officially marathon season here in OKC.  All of the local running groups start their training for the OKC Memorial marathon this weekend.  It's going to be great to see everyone out training.  I love this time of year!  Nothing much planned otherwise.  I'll get in a couple of workouts and try to stay out of the wet and cold.  It's supposed to turn bitterly cold here so I guess it's time to bundle up and get ready for the arctic blast.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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