Saturday, December 4, 2010

Team-in-Training : First Run

Today was my first attempt at running since the NYC Marathon.  I was on-duty with our local Team-in-Training chapter.  My main duties are to provide a water/fuel stop and be course support for the participants.  I really enjoy my time with this group and am glad I have been able to stay involved.  I was set up about the 1.5 mile mark today.  We are early in our training schedule for OKC Memorial which is on May 1st so the half marathoners ran 3 and the full marathoners ran 5 miles.  It was brisk this morning.  Winter finally decided to make a trip to OK.  It's been very mild here so far this fall/winter so the cold temps were a reminder that we actually do have winter on the horizon.

I didn't wear my Garmin or even really plan on running today, but when I got out there I just had to try it out to see how it would go.  I basically just ran up and down the course with participants as they came up to my water stop and then let them go on their own after 1/4 of a mile or so.  I would say I probably ran at least 2 miles of varying paces.  It felt good to run again.  I've really missed training.  It's definitely time to get going again.  The knee still isn't 100% percent, but it's so much better than it was 4 weeks ago.  I figure if I can get back in a routine and focus on swimming and cross-training I should be back to running before I know it.  I'm still considering going to the doctor this coming week.  We will see how work goes and if I can get a timely appointment. 

I also used my Brooks ID discount to buy Christmas gifts today.  Although my family isn't a bunch of runners, they are going to get some quality running gear for Christmas.  I know they read this blog so they just found out what they were getting, but oh well.  I tried to get things that were multipurpose such as jackets and hoodies.  I think they will like it.  I just hope it all fits!  It feels great to knock out the bulk of my shopping from home.  Thank goodness for Friends and Family discount day at the Brooks ID site!  Run happy!

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