Monday, December 6, 2010

Brooks ID Race Series

Today I received a nice little surprise to help curb the Monday blues!  Here is the little nugget of joy that showed up in my e-mail inbox today:

Hey Bryan,
Congratulations, you are the OK State Runner Up for the Brooks 2010 ID Race Series! You can expect to receive your Hoodie in the mail soon. The following code can be used on the pro site for one free pair of shoes.
Obviously I removed the code because I wanted to be selfish and use it for a new pair of shoes for myself!  One disclaimer, there are only a handful  of Oklahoma Brooks ID members so it wasn't like I beat out 100 people to get 2nd place, but I'll never complain about a free Brooks hoodie and a free pair of shoes.  I didn't race a ton this year, but evidently I raced just enough to win some gear.

As far as next year goes, I'm not really sure if I'm in the Brooks ID program again or not.  I love the program and I love the Brooks brand so I'm hoping they see me as an asset and keep me around for another year.  The program is transitioning from an application program to an invitation-only program.  The first round of "sponsored" athletes were notified sometime last month and I wasn't on that list.  I'm pretty sure you had to be referred by someone to be included in that group and I don't know of anyone with a direct connection with Brooks who would have put in a referral for me.   Our last ID e-mail indicated that a second batch of renewals would be sent out sometime before the end of the year if we were invited back for 2011.  I really don't know what the likelihood is that I will be invited back, but hopefully the 2nd place finish and the Brooks ID event I hosted in June give me an edge on some of the other folks waiting to hear back.  My schedule is going to be very triathlon-heavy next year, but I still plan on throwing in some road races as part of my training.  I can't quit running cold turkey!

Today I actually hopped on the bike at the gym for a bit.  I still am sans-trainer at my apartment so I'll have to use the stationary bike as a substitute for a couple of more weeks.  My plan is to have an indoor trainer by the end of the year.  My local bike shop is having a sale on them until January 1st so I definitely want to take advantage of the discount.  I also ran across a Spinerval DVD of the IM Louisville course yesterday when I was shopping online.  Score!  I can preview the course and prepare myself for the hills.  I wonder if turning up my heater in my house will count as heat-acclimation training.  I am going to need all the help I can get.

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  1. - Congrats on taking 2nd on the race series

    - They have been very tight lipped about next season, I went ahead and used my discount and bought some extra shoes. Just in case I am not invited back.

    - Get a fluid trainer

    - Spinervals, if done just like Coach Troy tells you to do it, might be the hardest workout I have ever done, hands down.