Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking the habit

This week I've made it a point to get back into a routine.  So far it's been working out well, but we are only 2 days into this thing.  I have a feeling that the upcoming holiday will throw a kink in my plans, but at least it's only a minor hiccup.  I really don't have a ton planned for Christmas at the moment.  We did my mom's side of the family this past weekend.  I'll go down to my parents house on Friday and celebrate then because my mom has to work on Christmas day.  Evidently hospitals don't shut down for holidays - go figure.  On Christmas, I'll go down with my dad and brothers to my dad's side of the family and spend the afternoon down there before trekking back to Oklahoma City for a Christmas evening date with the OKC Thunder and Denver Nuggets.  All in all, not too hectic of a schedule.  I'm almost positive my gift count will be pretty small this year, but I like it that way.  My apartment is extremely cluttered at the moment and the less stuff I get, the better.  I really need a maid or something. 

Today was my second ride on the trainer and I really enjoyed it.  I popped in my newly acquired Spinervals DVD that previews the IM Louisville course and settled in for an hour ride.  I would love to think I could just hop on and go for hours, but we all know I'm far removed from my peak training shape so I'm easing my way back into it.  The DVD started out at the transition area and takes you out of the city into the hill country.  I only made it an hour into the ride, but from what I can tell this course is going to be TOUGH.  The rider who made the tapes kept talking about how brutal the heat is going to be for the ride and how tough the course is for an Ironman event.  It was a great reminder of what I'm getting myself into in 2011.  The guy stressed that you will have to put in the miles to get through the race.  You can't sneak your way into this one and still manage to make it out unscathed.  I'll have to be focused and dedicated with my training and seek out some hot, hilly courses during training.  I guess I better get ready to buckle down and get to work. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about the DVD is the advice and tips he gives throughout the video.  I know I'm only an hour into it, but it's good for me to hear how many calories I should be taking in each hour (at least 200-300 calories), the advice on how to properly prepare for hills, the techniques I should be using for hills, and all the other bits of information he interjects along the way.  I can tell I'm really going to like this video and will make it a part of my training routine when I can't get outside to train.  The plan for the rest of the week is to hit the weights again tomorrow and probably do 30 minutes or so on the elliptical.  I think I'll still try to stay off the knee for a little while longer.  No reason to push it now.  I'll either do another trainer workout on Thursday or maybe go get in the pool.  My pool of choice is drained right now for yearly maintenance so not sure I'll make it to the downtown YMCA to fight the crowds.  It's a zoo at the pool. 

Lastly, I'm still waiting on word from Brooks about my 2011 status.  I've heard from several people that they have received letters updating them on their status so hopefully I'll get a letter soon.  They are sending them by snail mail so it's anyone's guess when it will actually show up.  Hopefully they like me and keep me around in one of the upper levels of the ID program for 2011. 

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  1. - Glad you like the video

    - I have yet to receive my letter, alot of people havent, makes me wonder what is going on