Thursday, December 30, 2010

70 Degrees in December

It was too nice to pass it up.  I kept telling myself I needed to take one more day to rest and get over this little bug, but it was just way too nice.  I couldn't pass up 70 degrees, low humidity, and light winds in late December.  I got home from work, changed into shorts and a tech tee and hit the streets.  It was my first "official" run since NYC marathon.  I've run a couple of times during Team-in-Training practice as a coach.  Basically all I do is run a few blocks and chat with the runners and then jog back to pick up a few more.  It doesn't really count as an official run because I run at their pace and take it pretty easy.  This was just me and my thoughts.  I've missed it.  I've missed it a lot.  It wasn't perfect, but it was really nice.  I had minimal pain in my knee and the head cold only provided me with some minor nuisances.  I strapped my Garmin on just for measurement purposes but never looked at it while I was running.  I have a mile loop marked off in my neighborhood so I just ran that twice and called it good.  I wanted to run more, but I keep telling myself to come back slow.  I want to stay healthy.

Today was also my first run in my new Brooks Adrenaline 11's.  These shoes feel like a glove on my foot and are very comfortable.  I would have to say I'm very impressed with the update from the 10 and look forward to breaking them in over the next few months.  I also received my free pair of shoes today that I won in the Brooks ID race series.  I ordered a pair of Brooks Ravenna shoes.   They are labeled as "guidance" shoes, not the full "support" of the Adrenaline.  I was told the Adrenaline may be too much support for my gait based on the gait-analysis done by the local running store, but a pure neutral shoe (the Glycerin's), caused me to have foot problems.  I may try to work the Ravenna's into my rotation on some of my shorter runs to see how it goes.  I hate to mix it up too much when all I want to do is stay healthy though. 

Thank goodness for 4-day weekends!  I'm going to enjoy my last weekend of rest and relaxation before I start up the big road to the Ironman next week.  Ready or not, here it comes. 

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