Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last Day in NYC

It's now been 3 full days since the NYC Marathon and I'm spending my last day in NYC.  I have really enjoyed my stay this week.  It's been very relaxing which I wasn't expecting in Manhattan.  The good thing is I spent a week here in college so I did a lot of the tourist stuff then so now I am just exploring, eating, and drinking.  I have been given 3 weeks off to do whatever I want from my coach and then I will settle into an offseason training plan to shift focus to the triathlon.

I have read several race reports from the marathon already in the blogosphere and am excited to sit down and write my own.  I'm hoping to sit down Sunday or Monday night to put it all down in writing.  I'm still beaming from a great experience and am even considering throwing my name into the lottery for 2011.  If somehow I actually get selected again, I can either add it to my schedule or defer to another year.  I don't think I will get lucky enough to win a spot 2 years in a row, so it won't hurt to start building up those denials for a future race.

Off to explore Manhattan for one more day.  It's off to Austin, Texas, tomorrow.  I absolutely love Austin and can't wait to spend some time with my fellow Cowboys on a big college football road trip.  Go Pokes!

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  1. The irony of Manhattan is that you CAN relax amongst the millions. It really is a remarkable city. I'd send you to Jersey City for the best bagel you've ever had but I think you are out of time...sorry.