Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elliptical, Again : 14 Days to NYC

Two weeks,  Two short weeks.  I finally received my official handbook for the ING NYC Marathon on Saturday.  I have already read it front to back and am well-versed on all of the in's and out's of marathon weekend.  I went to the local bookstore today and picked up my Streetwise Maps of Manhattan and have started doing research on what I want to do will in NYC.  My cousin has also decided to come with me for a few days so it looks like I will have some support on the course!  Woo hoo!

Today was another torturous 2+ hours on the elliptical.  I am really just focusing on maintenance and recovery.  The knee still isn't right, but it is progressing slowly.  It may be one of those things where I don't actually run again until marathon day.  At this point I know the fitness is there, I just need to be healthier.  I may or may not try to run this week.  I haven't really decided yet.

It's now officially time to start looking at the weather forecast for Nov 7th in NYC.  Here's our first look ahead from Accuweather: 

Temperature History for November 7

Forecast         Normal Record Nov 7, 2009
High    57°            56°          78° in 1938                  53°
Low    49°           44 29° in 1930        35°

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