Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to Chicago : 7 Days

It's close.  Very close.  Close enough that I am now beginning to feel the nerves of another marathon race day.   I told my mom on Thursday that I have just now started to remember what I felt like those last few miles of marathon number one.  The pain, the fatigue, the constant thought that any minute I could cramp and be forced to the sidelines like so many of my running friends.  I think it's good that I am having these thoughts and memories though.  It will keep me grounded.  It will make me focus.  It will require me to stay on top of my nutrition, be deliberate in my pacing, and make me respect the marathon distance.  It's such a long race.  There is a lot you can't control in a 26.2 mile race, but the areas I can control, I hope to nail.  It's race week gang.  I am getting nervous.  I am getting very excited.  I am ready to go.

As far as this past week, training was pretty minimal.  I did some elliptical early in the week, ran 6 miles on Wednesday, and went for my last semi-long run this weekend.  I had originally planned to run 12 miles this weekend, but the knee wasn't happy so I didn't push it and called it quits after 8ish miles.  I could have logged the full 12, but my thinking was that it wasn't doing me any good to try to cram in a few more miles this weekend.  It's time to get healthier, rest up, and hopefully have a good race next Sunday.  The knee is not 100%, but it hasn't been 100% in nearly 2 months.  My hope is that it cooperates on Sunday and I can run the race I want.  I don't want to be forced to grind through 26.2 miles, but I will if I have to.  There is one thing that I have learned about myself over the last 28 years : mentally I am strong.  If I put my mind to it, it's going to happen.  Mind over matter. 

For those of you interested in tracking my progress on race day, here is the link:

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Runner Tracking

Bryan Sloan ; Bib #7773

Goals will be revealed later this week after I see how the week progresses.  There will be lots of foam rolling, icing, stretching, and carbs.  Oh how I love endurance sports.  It makes me feel alive. 

Here is the latest weather forecast.  I pulled from The Weather Channel today.  Turning milder.  Shaping up to be a great day on the course:

Day Night

Mostly Sunny


Wind: From WSW at 8 mph
Humidity: 70%
UV Index: 5 Moderate
Sunrise: 6:57 AM CT
Avg. High: 67°F
Record High: 86°F (1962)

Mostly Clear
Overnight Low


Wind: From WSW at 6 mph
Humidity: 73%
Sunset: 6:17 PM CT
Avg. Low: 48°F
Record Low: 32°F (1964)

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  1. very sound plan for the week. Can't wait to hear the goals.

    You got this!!