Monday, October 4, 2010

Countdown to Chicago : 6 Days

Another day closer.  Today flew by actually.  Work was really busy as I try to get ahead of the curve so my return won't be quite as hectic.  The downside of being gone for over a week is that you have a week's worth of work to catch up on when you return.  I will take it though. I am overdue for some extended time away from work.  It's been way too long since I have been gone from work for a full week. 

Nothing too exciting to report today.  I didn't do any sort of running or cardio today.  I did foam roll the heck out of my IT bands, quads, calves, hips, and hamstrings.  I also iced both knees and have tried to keep my focus on not doing anything stupid this week.  My knees are really tight right now.  Both of them.  They have that burning sensation on the outside of the knee.  Sitting at a desk all day isn't the best recipe for loosening them up either. 

In other news, I have narrowed down my Ironman races to three choices.  I am very, very close to pulling the trigger and will update you all as soon as that happens.  I have spent the last few days doing research online, talking to some people who have competed in 2 of these races, and watching video after video on YouTube.  I have to admit I tear up when I watch the finish line videos.  It's very inspiring to watch people accomplish such an incredible feat.  It makes me want to jump all in, but my body is asking me to take a break.  After NYC, it will be time to focus on getting healthy, doing some strength training to help alleviate my injury bug, and building that base for next year's journey.  Until then, keep dreaming the dream gang.  It's inspiring to read about your journeys online.  You guys are a big source of my motivation.  Keep up the great work.

Here is the latest weather update: 
Day Night



Wind: From SSW at 9 mph
Humidity: 62%
UV Index: 5 Moderate
Sunrise: 6:57 AM CT
Avg. High: 67°F
Record High: 86°F (1962)

Overnight Low


Wind: From SW at 5 mph
Humidity: 70%
Sunset: 6:17 PM CT
Avg. Low: 48°F
Record Low: 32°F (1964)

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