Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back at it : Countdown to NYC (19 days)

Life has returned to normal after the week of traveling.  I have settled back in at work and have resumed training.  Well, I have resumed cross-training.  I still haven't gone for a run since the marathon, but I don't know that my knee would have allowed me to before now.  The good news is that the knee is starting to feel better and I have become best friends with the elliptical.  I logged a torturous 2 hours on that dreadful machine on Sunday and just knocked out another hour today.  I am staying active so I should be good to go in 2 1/2 weeks as long as the knee still feels up to it.

I keep waiting and waiting on my ING NYC Marathon guide, but I still haven't received it.  Pretty much everyone I follow on Twitter that is running NYC has already received their info packet.  Most of them even got it last week.  Maybe mine got lost?  Hopefully it makes it way into my mailbox soon.

Nothing else really going on at the moment.  I am really just focusing on recovery, maintenance, and mentally preparing for the next marathon.  I am really going into NYC with a more laid back attitude.   I think the fact it's number two in only four weeks time puts less pressure on me.  If I run well, that's awesome.  If I don't, I want to enjoy the experience still.  It's still a little too early to be obsessing about weather because the 2 week forecasts don't quite reach marathon day.  The one thing for certain is that it will be cooler temps than Chicago.  Cool runners are happy runners!

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  1. I totally forgot you wanted to do 2 marys in a month, use every recovery method in the bo9ok is my advice