Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick Update - Home from Chicago/Tulsa

I am finally home after a week full of travel for work.  I wanted to throw out a quick update and let you all know that I have now had 2 runs that have gone really well.  On Monday, I had the afternoon free in Chicago and had the awesome opportunity to run in great weather along the Lakeshore Trails on Lake Michigan.  I logged a very nice 14 miles and the knee held up really well.  It wasn't perfect, but it reassured me that I can get through this injury.

Today I was in Tulsa, OK, at another work function and went for a 9 mile run around the Hard Rock Hotel area when I had some downtime.  It was humid and hilly, but I was very pleased with the way I felt.  The knee again only showed small signs of wear and tear and I really think the KT Tape application I have mastered is making a huge difference.  It gives me support without being restrictive at the exact site of the pain.  I am very pleased with my progress and will go for another long run this Sunday.  Only a little over 3 weeks until Chicago.  I hope to get in one 20 miler the weekend of Sept 25th before a taper of 2 weeks heading into the marathon.  It's crazy it's so close.  I can't believe it.

I will update more about my trip to Chicago and the upcoming weeks at some point this weekend.  Right now all I want to do is take a shower, lay in my own bed, and sleep.


  1. good luck in Chicago. My wife is running it but unfortunately it looks like I will not make it. I am jealous !!

  2. Congrats on your progress. Good luck on your trip to Chicago.