Friday, September 10, 2010

Can't Seem to Catch a Break

So, this whole marathon training has gone way off course the past few weeks.  First the knee injury.  It's been a constant struggle to stay on top of it and still get in some sort of mileage that will make me "marathon-ready".  I have been religiously following orders and trying to nurse this thing back to health.  My knee actually felt pretty decent yesterday when I went for my run.  I was pretty confident going into the run and had applied KT Tape in a combo application for IT pain and runner's knee.

I have really had problems with runs before work because I never have time to properly warm up and cool down.  For this reason, I opted to take my gear with me and get my run in after work.  The day started off innocently enough.  Cloudy skies, mid-70s, and light winds.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was in the 90s, sunny, humid, and windy.  Yuck.  My running has been very limited lately and the few runs I have gotten in have been mostly inside on the treadmill.

The run started off decently.  I could tell my knee was feeling much better than it had the past couple of weeks so I was confident the mileage was going to be doable.  My schedule called for 9 miles which is basically one loop around Lake Hefner where I do most of my runs.  The first 3 miles went really well.  I was running pretty conservatively and had my Fuel Belt on with some Gatorade Endurance and Powerbar Endurance on hand.  I also had my handheld full of H20.  I felt prepared.  After 3 miles the wheels started to come off.  I started to get dizzy feeling and my legs felt weak.  I really struggled through the last 6 miles of my run.  I was having to take walk breaks and find shade when it was available.  At first glance, I thought it was the heat.  Now that I am laying on my couch writhing in pain from stomach cramps, I am pretty sure it was my body telling me that I was about to get sick.  After I got home from my run, about 2 hours later the cramps kicked in.  I think I either got food poisoning or have caught a stomach bug.  I went into work for about an hour this morning to get a few things done and then took only my second sick day ever since I have been employed at Chesapeake.  I just don't get sick.  On top of that, the knee apparently didn't like the 9 miles and is hurting at the moment.  The last 3 weeks of training have been very frustrating.  I am trying to stay positive.

So, here I am contemplating my next move.  I was scheduled to run a 14 miler in the morning with my Chicago partner, but that isn't going to happen.  Sunday I am flying out to Chicago for a work conference so I won't be able to run Sunday morning either.  However, this may actually work out to be very, very cool for me if I can get back to no cramps and the knee feels ok.  I have Monday afternoon free in Chicago.  I think it may work out for me to get in a long run on Lake Michigan if all pans out.  The weather forecast looks decent.  Hopefully it works out.  I could really use a boost.

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  1. good luck getting it back. these setbacks are discouraging, but you have the base to be ready to roll it out at Chicago. Maybe being on the shores of Lake Michigan will be the perfect time to get your mojo back!