Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adapt and Persevere

It's my motto for now.  Adapt to the circumstance and persevere.  I haven't done myself any favors by getting injured the past couple of weeks.  My running has been very hit and miss, but I am still logging my mileage in some way, shape, or form.  It's  not ideal, but it's going to have to work.  I have been forced to adapt to a left knee that just doesn't want me to run at the moment.  A couple of "light" weeks has definitely helped, but I am at that critical part in my training plan where I should be doing my highest mileage in preparation for a successful taper.  The game plan has changed and thus my goals are beginning to change along with it.  I am no longer focusing on "killing" Chicago and am now focusing on getting to Chicago in a semi-healthy state and enjoying the beauty of the sport I love.  Sure I will be disappointed that I can't set that coveted PR goal, but this isn't a one and done deal for me.  I love this sport and I am not going anywhere anytime soon.  I am here to stay and I will continue to build myself into the best marathoner my body will allow.

In the meantime, my schedule will now consist of a day of elliptical, a swim, a medium run, and a modified long run schedule.  I was originally scheduled to run 18 miles this weekend, but after consulting with my coach, we are adjusting that run to 14 miles.  Next week will be much of the same: elliptical, swim, medium run, and then 14 miles.  The hope is that I can get a little healthier and will still be able to log my 20 mile run the following week.  That will put me in taper mode for 2 weeks and then it will be race day in Chicago.  I am not sure how the body will react.  I do know it won't be comfortable.  However, I am pretty confident I can make it work.  I am being very diligent about my stretching, icing, and recovery.  I am avoiding stairs at all costs and trying to avoid downhill segments in my runs to help alleviate some of the runner's knee pain.

One last thought for the night:  On Sunday I drove from my apartment in Oklahoma City down to my grandparent's house near Wynnewood.  I have made the drive several times and have never really paid attention to the distance.  I had filled up my car when I left my apartment and reset my odometer before I pulled out of the station.  When I exited off the interstate to go to my grandparent's house, the odometer read 70.3 miles.  I smiled.  It really puts into perspective what you are asking of your body when you sign up for a half-iron and Ironman distance event.  I got excited and immediately started envisioning myself swimming, biking, and running that distance next year on my journey to become an Ironman.  I will just keep telling myself, "It's only a trip to Granny and Grandad's.  Suck it up and train."

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  1. Hey, I found your blog while surfing and looking for someone else in the toughest part of their marathon training. I've got my biggest week this week in preparation for the Hamptons Marathon on Oct 2nd.

    Just wanted to wish you well. Hope you make it to the start! Be smart, listen to your trainer, get rest, and enjoy the race!