Wednesday, September 1, 2010

200th Post!! Midweek Update

You would think with this being my 200th post I would have some big announcement or giveaway, but I didn't realize this was number 200 until I hit "New Post" just a few minutes ago.  Maybe for number 300 I will do something extra special!

Nothing too crazy to update so far.  I ran on Tuesday, but only got in 2 miles on the treadmill until I decided to pull the plug.  The discomfort in my left knee started almost immediately, but it wasn't debilitating so I went ahead and kept running for a bit.  After 2 miles I decided no good was going to come from that run so I jumped on the elliptical and finished out my scheduled 4 miles.  The pain is definitely ITBS with a little extra umph from something in my knee.  I am still able to run, it's just really uncomfortable.  It's definitely not what I was hoping for after taking all of last week off from running.  It was much better than my attempt last Thursday though.  The good news is that it didn't feel awful the day after (today).  I am able to move it without catching which is a step in the right direction.

Today I went for a swim at my work gym.  I have officially rededicated myself to swimming since my Hotter 'N Hell training days are finished.  I don't have any other triathlon or cycling events planned for 2010 so I will use swimming and biking solely as cross-training for my 2 marathons on the horizon.  Today's workout was the most I have swam in quite a while.  I logged a nice little 1950 meters and felt pretty decent doing it.  I am by no means fast in the pool, but the fact I haven't swam in a while and can still knock out a half-iron distance swim is pretty exciting.  Now if I could just grow fins or something to make me faster.

I will attempt to run again tomorrow.  I have 9 miles on the schedule but I highly doubt I get even close to that number.  It will probably be a repeat of Tuesday.  I will run a few miles and then jump on the elliptical to finish it out.  If things don't improve soon I will have to start rethinking PR goals for Chicago and maybe make NYC my "A" race.  It's amazing how one bad run can ruin even the best laid plans.

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