Friday, September 24, 2010

20 Mile Eve

I'm a little nervous.  Not going to lie.  Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Katie, my Chicago counterpart, and the Oklahoma City Running Club for an early morning 20 mile run.  The weather is supposed to be decent:  temps in the upper 60s and light winds.  There will also be water stops about every 3 miles and hopefully a group of about 50 or so people to hang out with along the way.  It will be my longest run this year and also my longest training run ever.  After last week's struggle on the 16 miler, I am just praying that all goes well.  It would be a big boost to my confidence if I can pull this off without too much pain.  I have a feeling it's going to be painful though.   Just a hunch.

Thursday's run was my first run this week and the entire run was in the rain.  Eight lovely miles in the rain.  There is something really nice about running in the rain.  For one, I am usually on the trails with very few people.  It's peaceful and helps clear the head.  It also takes away most of the heat element.  This wasn't one of those cool fall showers though.  The temps were still in the upper 80s, but it was still nice to get a break from the sun.  If you could figure out a way to keep your shoes and clothes from weighing 20 pounds heavier, it would be nearly perfect.  The eight miles was fairly uneventful.  The knee hurt a little during the run, and after it hurt like crazy for a few hours afterwards.  The calf muscles also showed their first sign of tightness.  That old familiar feeling from the first marathon came creeping back into my head.  I am using the stick and the trigger point quite a bit lately on my hips, glutes, and calves.  I hope it can work out the knots and keep them from tightening up too much during my run.  Other than that, it's just that point in the training where pretty much everything has a tweak.  After tomorrow's 20 miles though, I will be hitting my taper and mending all of these wounds.  Of course I will still have a few runs left, but nothing of this significance.

Signing off for now.  I hope to report back with a great 20 miles in the books.  Wish me luck!

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