Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unscheduled "Break"

I guess not all marathon training plans can go without a hitch.  As you all know, my left knee started acting up last Thursday after my 8 mile run.  Everything up to that point was going really well.  The weather sucked, but my body felt great.  I guess it only takes one "bad" run to put you on the injured list.  I went ahead and did my 15 miler on Sunday and made it through, albeit not comfortably.  The knee was screaming at me the next few days so I opted for the elliptical on Tuesday and an easy bike ride on Wednesday.  Today was my first crack at running this week and it didn't go so hot.  I got a few steps into my run and I knew immediately it wasn't a good idea.  It wasn't unbearable pain, but it was not fun.  I stopped and walked for a bit, massaged my knee, and started up again.  Same story.  It is lateral knee pain with some tenderness towards the patella tendon as well.  I am going to go ahead and give it a rest for the rest of the week and try to run again next Tuesday.  Hopefully a few more days off from running will do wonders.

In other news, I am packed and ready for my trip to Wichita Falls, TX, this weekend for my 100K bike ride.  This will be my longest ride of my short cycling career.  It should be a neat experience with nearly 12,000 riders participating in the event.  The knee held up fairly well on the easy ride yesterday so I am hoping all goes smoothly on Saturday.  I will probably go ahead and use KT Tape to my advantage to provide some support.  I will report back on Sunday and let you know how it all went.  Happy training to everyone.  Send some good knee vibes my way!

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