Thursday, August 5, 2010

Semi-Nude Running Experiment

Disclaimer : No animals or humans were harmed in this experiment.

Today I decided to let it all hang out and just go for it.  Uninhibited. Pure.  Carefree.  My whole mindset going into this run was to just have fun.  Let go of your worries.  Leave your inhibitions and strict parameters at home.  Run free, run happy.

I really went into this run thinking it was going to be brutal.  My legs were dead from my 50 mile bike ride the night before in 100+ degree heat and wind.  I really was struggling to get motivated.  I knew I needed to get the run in because I had already substituted cross-training for my Tuesday run due to some lingering Achilles tenderness from last weekend.  The one saving grace was that the temps were actually about 10 degrees cooler and there was no wind.  It's amazing what a difference 10 degrees makes.

Since I went into this run skeptical of my ability to perform, I decided to run "naked".  A more apt way to describe it would be "semi-nude".  I wanted to just run and go with the flow.  I wanted to throw out the intervals, throw out the need to look at my watch every 20 seconds, and throw out the pressure.  I did want to keep track of my time and see how it stacked up when I finished so I strapped the Garmin to my wrist but vowed not to look at it.  I would just use it as a recording device, nothing else.  In essence, I went running "semi-nude".  All of my running friends will understand.  This was a big step.

I started off the run at what seemed like a pretty slow pace, just warming up and getting my legs underneath me.  After a mile or so I felt my legs started to come underneath me again, and I started to feel great.  I really concentrated on my gait and tried to shorten my stride so I could work on my running economy.  Everything just seemed to be flowing.  I just ran and ran and ran.  Mile after mile went and I never really felt tired.  It just went really, really well.  I ended up running 7 miles in 59:54 and it felt relatively easy.  Pretty good news when it was still 90 degrees out.

I may be off the grid for a few days.  I am heading to Austin, Texas, for a little fun on Lake Travis on Sunday.  I have 13 miles on the schedule for Saturday and then I will take a few days off to relax, have some fun, and not think about training.  Run happy my friends!


  1. Naked as a metaphor - I get it now. That's a great run, but I might have looked at my watch once and ran 6 more seconds to get an even hour. But I'm weird like that. Oh wait, I see you did on the Daily Mile widget. Never mind.

  2. Ha, I guess I really should clarify I wasn't actually naked. Runners would understand, but probably not everyone. Daily mile rounds up so that's why it says an hour. I really was 6 secs short. Funny because normally I would even it out too.

  3. To really run naked, leave the Garmin at home, now you having it, its was your triathlete side of you that turned it on, triathletes are obessed with numbers, I dont know why, we just are. RUnning naked is going back to the pure joy of just doing it.