Saturday, August 14, 2010

Present and Accounted For

Hi friends!  It's been a whole week since I have checked in.  Sorry for the lack of blogging, but this week has just been nonstop.   I'm not sure how I made it through the day on Friday.  I was barely able to drag myself out of bed.  Luckily I had no plans last night (Friday) and I finally got a chance to sit at home and relax.  Thank goodness for a lazy evening!  I felt refreshed and ready to go today.  Rest does the body good!

Last Sunday I hopped on a plane and flew to Austin, Texas, to hang out at Lake Travis.  I stayed at an unbelievably nice house on the lake.  Here are a few pics:

View from the street looking down at the house
Balcony overlooking the pool w/ Lake Travis in the background 
I made a new friend and as you can tell, beer was involved - not on the training schedule   
I was definitely spoiled Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I really could get used to living in a huge house on the lake with a nice pool.  The great thing about my short trip was I left all of my training gear at home.  I decided to take a full break from training to have some fun and not worry about the marathons around the corner.  I drank too much beer, ate horribly, and did nothing training-related for 2.5 days.  I say 2.5 days, because I ran Tuesday night after I hopped off the plane.  I was starting to get a little stir crazy after not training for a few days and decided I needed to get in my scheduled run.  You can only hold an athlete-in-training away from his/her passion for so long. 

The rest of the week was a blur.  I ended up logging my longest bike ride to date on Wednesday night with almost 52 miles.  It was so unbelievably hot (temp of 104) and I completely bonked on my nutrition.  I only had gels that were caffeinated so I tried to get all of my carbs from my PowerBar endurance formula drink.  The reasoning was that I rode after work and I have a tough time sleeping if I drink caffeine after about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  No gels =  bad idea.  You can only drink so much.  I was so tired and ready to get off that dang bike at the end of my ride.  I love the extended daylight during summer because it allows me the flexibility to do some of my long workouts during the week.  However, the heat is just a killer.  Nothing about riding, running, or even walking from my car to the office is fun in this heat.  Go away summer!  You are not wanted.  The great news : we are supposed to have a "cold" front come through Sunday night.  Highs are only going to be in the 90s next week!!  Woo hoo! 

Thursday I had an industry association luncheon and then a customer appreciation happy hour after work.   I had to get in my run so I opted for a late evening run after schmoozing for a few hours at the happy hour.  I was the lame guy drinking sprite and water and trying to stay away from the enormous buffet.  I knew my 7 miles was going to be brutal enough because the temps were in the 100s. I didn't need any added difficulty from drinking alcohol or eating bad food.  Sure enough, at 7:45 PM when I laced up my shoes, the temp read 98 degrees with a heat index of 104.  Ugh.  That's the only way to describe that run. 

Friday I decided to actually put myself in the pool and do an easy swim.  I actually had a pretty intense (for me) swim workout scheduled, but I just couldn't bring my body or mind to do it.  I was completely out of it mentally and my body was ready to quit the minute I hit the water.  I ended up just leisurely swimming 1000 meters and chalked it up as a success since I actually made it into the water. 

Today was my turn on coaching duties with Team-in-Training so I met our group for their scheduled 10-miler before heading out for my 1-hour bike ride.  I rode with a few TNT staff/coaches and took it easy since I will be doing my long run in the AM.  It's a stepback week on the run for me, so I only have 10 miles on the schedule for the morning.  After my run, I will be going to cheer on the TNT triathlon crew as they use one of our local tri's as a warm-up race for Nation's tri in DC and the Half-Iron here in OKC in September.  I almost signed up for the sprint distance tri last minute, but decided I should take a chill pill.  I have way too much time and money invested in Chicago and NYC marathons to screw something up now.  I will still go out and provide moral support though.  Maybe watching a tri again will motivate me to swim more.  OK, probably not.

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  1. Marathons? That's awesome. And great job on the long bike ride. I can't imagine doing that in this heat we've been having. Looks like we're finally getting a little break from it though, thank goodness.