Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm over it....

I am over the heat.  Absolutely can't stand it.  Nothing about it appeals to me.  Anyone who says they enjoy 100+ heat is lying or I am convinced they don't do any running outside.

This weekend started the awful trend of 100+ degree days in Oklahoma for as far as the forecast can predict.  We are now surrounded by a heat dome, as the weathermen so affectionately call it.  Basically we are stuck in a hot, nasty stretch of weather that shows no signs of changing anytime soon.  The one saving grace is that the humidity has dropped so our heat indices are only about 5 degrees above the actual temp.

Yesterday morning I set my alarm for 4:30 AM which has become my weekend routine as of late.  I do this in order to try and run in the coolest part of the day.  As the alarm sounded, I rolled over to pick up my phone and check my e-mail, send out Facebook/Twitter responses, and I happened to check the weather.  Current readings at 4:45 AM:

Temperature : 81 degrees

Heat Index : 86 degrees

Humidity : 73%

Wind : 3 MPH

Heat index of 86 before the sun was up!  Seriously?!  The weather just puts me in a terrible mood.  I absolutely love running and long runs are definitely my favorite part of training.  However, training for a marathon in the summer has really made me question my desire to run a fall marathon again.  I find training in cooler, even colder, weather much more enjoyable.  It will definitely play a major role in the decision of what my next marathon will be after this fall.  I know for the Ironman I won't have much of a choice, but that's a completely different story.  I expect to suffer, endure, and persevere during that training.  That's what the Ironman is all about anyway.  It's not only about the race, it's about the journey along the way that makes you a true Ironman.

For now, I will keep trucking along towards Chicago and NYC.  I have told myself to suck it up because nothing is going to change anytime soon.  I am trying to think positively and realize the training in the heat will only make me stronger for my races.  If I can run in this weather, I can run in anything.  In a way, it's a blessing in disguise.  A guy can always wish for cooler weather though.


  1. Bryan, this reminds me of a post I wrote a week or so ago. If your interested, its titled "Things I've Learned." On my blog page, I think it is the second post down.

  2. Ditto, I'm dreaming of fall...and I'm only running 3 milers.

  3. Charlie, you are so right! We are on the same wavelength there. I know my disdain for summer is hereditary. There is a reason we always went to Colorado or New Mexico for summer vacations.

    Allie, I can only imagine how it is in southwest OK. You easily have a couple of degrees on Charlie and I every day. Fall is just around the corner, right?!

  4. I'm ready for some cooler temps, too. I admire you for getting out and running so early in the morning. I've been running around noon at a nature preserve trail. Unfortunetly, there are no trees, so it's 5.5 miles of pure, hot, humid sun. I'm glad our temps have not been as warm as yours, though.