Sunday, July 25, 2010

To run a half, or to not run a half? That is the question...

I am trying to determine whether or not I should run a half marathon between now and Chicago.  The fact that it is late July, the options are pretty limited locally.  Pretty much everything shuts down for 2 or 3 months during the summer and finding a race longer than a 10K is nearly impossible.  I have found one half marathon within a few hour drive and am contemplating giving it a whirl.  The name alone should probably scare me away, but again, my options are limited. 

The name of the race is The Hottest Half and it's in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday, August 15th.  The race is held on White Rock Lake which also served as part of the course for my first full marathon last December.  The thought of returning to Dallas to conjure up fond memories during my training is definitely a perk.  I think it would help give me the extra push I need to make it through the last half of my training plan.  The other side of me really can't even imagine running a half marathon in the summer heat.  I think it has the potential to really take a shot at my confidence when I can't muster the pace I need to hit my goal in Chicago.  The heat will definitely put a damper on a PR for sure.  I know every race doesn't need to be a PR, but when you are training for a significant PR in the marathon, you would hope your half marathon time would follow suit.  So, as of now I am undecided.  I can't really imagine that a race in the middle of August in Dallas would sell out so I have a couple of weeks to decide. One other downfall of this race is the fact I already have plans to travel the weekend prior to and after the race.  It would make 3 straight weekends of travel to Texas.  Travel = less rest.  Not sure it's a winning combination.

In other news, the weather today was much better for my run.  I hit the running path about 545 this morning and the temp was a manageable 75 with tons of humidity.  It was my first run in a while where I didn't have to refill my water bottle along the route.  I only went through one bottle and still had plenty left in the tank when I finished.  I am really happy with my progress lately and am hitting paces that should put me well on my way to a significant improvement in my marathon time.  The key is always staying healthy and staying hungry.  The motivation is there, now let's just hope the body cooperates.  This week is another step up the mileage ladder.  My long run will be 12 miles this weekend and I have a 55-mile bike ride on tap for Wednesday if I can fit it in before dark.  I need to shake up my bike route though.  Lake Stanley Draper is getting boring lately.  Hope everyone had a great weekend of training and racing.  I am off to bed before the sun sets once again.  430 AM catches up with you when you can't take naps. 


  1. it's gonna be hot. I'll be pacing a friend and using it as a supported training run. Not looking to do anything but finishing the mileage that day. That said, COME ON!! You know you want to! =)

  2. Haha, I am definitely considering it! I am going to check with my running partner and see what she thinks. I have to coach Team-in-Training that weekend so it would be a very quick trip for me. Drive down Saturday, come home Sunday.