Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recovery : Athlete's HoneyMilk and Zoot Compression Socks

The first round of marathon training was very basic for me.  I was not up to speed on all of the recovery gear and drinks available on the market.  You could say that I was a rookie and I made several mistakes.  One of the mistakes was not fully utilizing the products available to properly recovery after my hard workouts.  I vowed to not make the same mistake this time around and have been testing out several products.  Two of my recent additions to my collection are Athlete's HoneyMilk and Zoot Compression Socks.

To me, Athlete's HoneyMilk (AHM) is the best tasting recovery drink I have found to date.  I have tried several different mixes and bottled drinks, but this blows everything else away.  I personally am a big fan of the Coffee Light flavor, but I have tried all flavors, except Acai', and have liked all of them.  I chose the light version of the drink to cut back on the calories during the early part of my training, but soon will be upgrading to the full-bodied version when my mileage gets excessive.  If you haven't tried this product yet, I highly recommend it and encourage you to give it a shot.  Shipping is free and they are currently doing a promotion where you can buy 1 case and get 1 free.  The coupon code is HONEYMILKNL1.  What is your favorite recovery drink?  I am always open to suggestions.  Chocolate milk is always a great, cheap substitute too.

I really had a hard time deciding what compression gear to go with so I went to my local running store, Red Coyote, to see what they carried.  Zoot was their preferred brand so I took the leap and purchased my first pair of compression socks.  Twenty miles into my first marathon, I had an awful time with my calf muscles.  It felt like someone had strapped bricks to the back of my legs.  I was constantly praying that they wouldn't cramp up and thankfully they held together long enough for me to cross the finish line in one piece.  I primarily bought the socks for recovery after my long runs and long rides, but as the weather turns cooler, I may even take them out for a run.  I couldn't imagine covering up another inch of my body in the current heat, but you could see me rocking knee highs when fall decides to greet us.  I have heard great things about CEP socks too, but they weren't carried locally so I opted for Zoot.  Does anyone else have experience with CEP?  I have also gotten some really good feedback on calf sleeves from 2XU, Zensah, and Zoot.  I may have to give those a shot so I don't have to switch up my socks.  

Now it's time for me to rock my Zoot socks and watch some tv.  I am worn out from my 50 mile ride in the heat today.  Time for some rest before waking up before dawn to greet my fellow runners at Lake Hefner in the morning.  Oh the life of an endurance athlete.  Early to bed, early to rise.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

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  1. Hey Brian, thanks for the HoneyMilk mention. Glad you're enjoying our natural recovery drink!

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