Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another rainy day....another treadmill run

Well, it's another toad strangler kind of day in OKC so I was stuck indoors again for my run.  In all actuality, it was dry at my work, but the ominous clouds did not look very inviting.  I was concerned I would start my run, get 2 miles out and the heavens would open on top of me.  I love running in a nice rain, but the flash flood invoking rains we have gotten lately aren't really conducive to a good run.  In order to not practice my open water swims on the streets, I opted for a 5 mile run on the 'mill. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my "Treadmill Etiquette" post!  It came in very handy today as I prepped for another run in the confines of the gym.  I made sure I didn't break any of the rules that you guys listed, and of course I listened to my own recommendations.  I have to say that my work gym is a lot cleaner, more runner friendly gym, than my local YMCA.  People actually shower, clean off machines, wear clean clothes, and act professional.  Big props to CHK Fitness Center!  It was actually an enjoyable time on the treadmill today.

Tomorrow me and my so-called friend, swimming, will tango.  I am already dreading it, but I guess I better get my butt in the pool if I am going to keep doing triathlons.  Stupid swimming, why do you have to be so good for me!   

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